December 2, 2009


This report was researched and written by Alison Parker, deputy director of the US program of Human Rights Watch. The report was edited by David Fathi, director of the US program at Human Rights Watch; Bill Frelick, refugee policy director; Lois Whitman, director of the children’s rights division; Clive Baldwin, senior legal advisor; and Joe Saunders, deputy program director. Layout and production were coordinated by Grace Choi, publications director, Fitzroy Hepkins, mail manager, and Abigail Marshak, US program associate.

Human Rights Watch would like to thank Betsy Bennion and Daniel Gatti, legal interns with the US program of Human Rights Watch, for their contributions to this report. The data analysis for this report was completed by the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse at Syracuse University, and we are very grateful to Sue Long and David Burnham for their extraordinary expertise, professionalism, and hard work. It was a true pleasure to collaborate with TRAC on this project. We would also like to thank ICE for sending us the data we requested. Finally, we are grateful to Stephanie Goldsborough, Andrea Black, and Judy Rabinovitz for providing expert review of earlier drafts of this report.

This report would not have been possible without the collaboration of Probar in Texas and the Florence Project in Arizona, and their dedicated teams of pro bono attorneys, as well as scores of immigration attorneys throughout the United States who helped us with our research. Of course, we are most indebted to the detainees and their families who courageously shared their stories with us.