January 28, 2009

"We Are Like Forgotten People"

The Chin People of Burma: Unsafe in Burma, Unprotected in India

Map of Chin State, Burma, and Mizoram State, India
Map of the Original Territory of Ethnic Chin Tribes
I. Summary
II. Background
Brief Political History of the Chin
Political Reform Since 1988..
Chin Resistance and the Chin National Front (CNF)
Chin Migration to Mizoram..
Economic Conditions in Chin State
Militarization of Chin State
III. Abuses Committed by the Tatmadaw (Burmese Army)
Extrajudicial Killings
Arbitrary Arrest, Detention, and Torture
Forced Labor
Freedom of Association and Assembly
Religious Repression
Restrictions on Movement
Forced Military Trainings and Conscription
Extortion and Confiscation of Personal Property
Sexual Harassment and Violence
IV. Abuses Committed by Ethnic Opposition Groups
V. Life for Chin in Mizoram..
Arbitrary Arrests and Forced Returns
Religious Repression
VI. India's Legal Obligations: A Need for Protection
VII. Recommendations
To Burma's ruling State Peace and Development Council
To the Chin National Front (CNF) and the Chin National Army (CNA):
To the Government of India:
To the State Government of Mizoram:
To the UNHCR:
To ASEAN, the US, EU member states, the EU, Australia, Canada, Japan, and Other Concerned States:
VIII. Appendix