July 13, 2004


Marianne Mllmann, Americas researcher for the Women's Rights Division, authored this report based on research she conducted in the Dominican Republic with Janet Walsh, deputy director of the Women's Rights Division.LaShawn R. Jefferson, executive director of the Women's Rights Division; Janet Walsh; Joanne Csete, director of the HIV/AIDS and Human Rights Program; Joanne Mariner, deputy director of the Americas Division; Carol Pier, labor rights and trade researcher for the Business and Human Rights Program; Wilder Tayler, Legal and Policy director; and Joseph Saunders, deputy director of the Program Office, reviewed the report.Erin Mahoney and Elizabeth Morrow, associates of the Women's Rights Division, provided research assistance. Andrea Holley, Fitzroy Hepkins, Jos Martnez, Erin Mahoney, and Elizabeth Morrow provided production assistance.

We appreciate the feedback on this report provided by Bethania Betances, resident technical advisor, Margaret Sanger Center International, Dominican Republic; Cesar Castellanos, researcher, National Health Institute, Dominican Republic; Tito Coleman, senior strategic planning specialist, Center for Environmental Strategies, Academy for Educational Development, Washington, D.C.; Susie Daniel, international development worker, One-Respe, Dominican Republic; and Eddy Prez-Then, deputy executive director, National Research Center on Maternal and Child Health, Dominican Republic. Human Rights Watch takes full responsibility for any errors or omissions in this report.

We are grateful to the many individuals and organizations who contributed with their time, expertise, and information to this research.Human Rights Watch sincerely thanks all the courageous women who shared their experiences with us and made this report possible.

The Women's Rights Division of Human Rights Watch gratefully acknowledges the support of the Dobkin Family Foundation, the Moriah Fund, the Libra Foundation, the Lisbet Rausing Trust, the Oak Foundation, the Streisand Foundation, the Schooner Foundation, and the members of the Advisory Committee of the Women's Rights Division.