October 22, 2013

“Between a Drone and Al-Qaeda”

The Civilian Cost of US Targeted Killings in Yemen

Map of Strikes
Key Recommendations
I. Background
Yemen and Al-Qaeda
Targeted Killings and US Counterterrorism Activities in Yemen
II. Case Studies
1. Wessab: Strike on Alleged Local AQAP Leader
2. Al-Masnaah: Attack on Low-Level Militants
3. Beit al-Ahmar: Strike on Local Leader, Child Detained
4. Sarar: Attack Kills 12 Civilians
5. Khashamir: Killing of Anti-AQAP Cleric
6. Al-Majalah: Cluster Munitions Kill 14 Al-Qaeda Suspects, 41 Civilians
III. International Law and US Policy
General Legal Considerations
Legal Framework for the US in Yemen
Laws of War
International Human Rights Law
Failure to Investigate and Provide Redress
Obama’s May 2013 Policy Guidelines
Armed Conflict Over with Al-Qaeda?
IV. Recommendations
To the Government of the United States
To the Government of Yemen
To the Friends of Yemen
To United Nations Bodies and Mechanisms including the General Assembly, Human Rights Council, and Special Rapporteurs on Extra-Judicial Executions and Countering Terrorism