October 14, 2005

Colombia: Displaced and Discarded

The Plight of Internally Displaced Persons

in Bogot and Cartagena

II. Recommendations
Humanitarian Assistance
Health Needs
Returns to Home Communities
III. Internal Displacement In Colombia
The Conflict in Colombia
Forced Displacement as a Consequence of the Conflict
The Scope of Internal Displacement
Living Conditions
Return to Home Communities
Internal Displacement in International and Colombian Law..
IV. Registration and Humanitarian Assistance
The Cost of Humanitarian Assistance
International Standards and Colombian Law..
V. Access to Education
The Lack of Space for Displaced Children
School Fees
The Cost of Uniforms and Books
Government Efforts to Eliminate Barriers to Education
The Right to Education
VI. Access to Public Health Services
The Health Needs of Displaced Families
Colombia's Health Care Systems
Discrimination in Access to Health Services