September 10, 2006

Nowhere to Flee

The Perilous Situation of Palestinians in Iraq

I. Executive Summary
II. Recommendations
To the Iraqi Authorities, including the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Displacement and Migration
To the United States and the U.S.-led Multinational Forces in Iraq
To the Governments of Jordan, Syria, and Other Countries in the Region
To the Government of Israel
To the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner For Refugees
To Donors and the International Community
III. Background: The Palestinian Refugees in Iraq
IV. The 2003 War and the Backlash against Iraqi Palestinians
Physical Attacks and Threats
Expulsion of Palestinian Families from their Homes
V. 2003 Flight from Iraq and the Jordanian Response
Initial Flight and the Establishment of al-Ruwaishid and al-Karama Camps
Al-Ruwaishid camp
Al-Karama Camp, 2003-2005
No Readmittance to the Camps after Return to Baghdad Proves Non-Viable
VI. Renewed Violence against Palestinians
The Situation after the Samarra Bombing
VII. Iraqi Ministry of Interior Registration Requirements and Official Harassment of Palestinians
Torture and "Disappearances"
Onerous Registration Procedures for Palestinian Refugees
Safety Concerns with Palestinian Identity Documents
VIII. Closed Borders and Lack of Resettlement Alternatives
Background: The Protection Gap for Palestinian Refugees
The 2006 Jordan Border Issue
Syria's Offer to Take Palestinian Refugees
IX. Conclusion: The Need for a Regional Solution and International Burden Sharing
X. Acknowledgements