November 19, 2012


This report was researched and written by Bonnie Docherty, senior researcher in the Arms Division of Human Rights Watch and senior clinical instructor at the International Human Rights Clinic (IHRC) at Harvard Law School. Julia Fitzpatrick and Trevor Keck, students in IHRC, contributed to the research and writing. Steve Goose, director of the Arms Division, edited the report. Tom Malinowski, Washington director for Human Rights Watch, Dinah PoKempner, general counsel, and Tom Porteous, deputy program director, all reviewed the report.

Kate Castenson, coordinator in the Arms Division, provided research and production assistance. Arms Division interns Rachel Borrell and Denise Tugade provided additional research assistance. This report was prepared for publication by Kate Castenson, Anna Lopriore, photo editor, Grace Choi, publications director, and Fitzroy Hepkins, administrative manager. Russell Christian produced the cartoon for the report cover.

Human Rights Watch and IHRC would like to thank Noel Sharkey, professor of artificial intelligence and robotics at the University of Sheffield, for providing a technical review of the report. Human Rights Watch and IHRC would also like to thank Jody Williams, Nobel Peace Laureate and chair of the Nobel Women's Initiative, for encouraging us to undertake work on this issue and for helpful comments on the report itself.