September 21, 2011


Itamar Mann, Bernstein fellow at Human Rights Watch, researched and authored this report. Bill Frelick, Refugee Program director, edited it. Simone Troller, Children's Rights Division senior researcher, also researched and edited the report. Benjamin Ward, deputy director of the Europe and Central Asia Division, Judith Sunderland, senior researcher in the Europe and Central Asia Division, Aisling Reidy, senior legal advisor, and Tom Porteous, deputy program director, all reviewed the report. Valerie Kirkpatrick and Carlos Torres of the Refugee Program provided additional editorial assistance. Grace Choi of the Program Office provided production assistance.

We are grateful to Frontex for its willingness to meet with us, to comment on our findings, and to correspond with us on related issues; to the Greek Ministry of Citizen Protection for its willingness to give us access to detention centers. 

We also thank the UN High Commissioner for Refugees office in Athens and Greek and Turkish NGOs who provided assistance to us, including the Group of Lawyers for the Rights of Migrants and Refugees (and especially Giota Massouridou, who helped with translation and research as well), the Greek Council for Refugees, the Hellenic Action for Human Rights, Médecins Sans Frontières (Greece), M ü lteci-Der (Turkey), and others that preferred not to be acknowledged. Finally, we thank all of the refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants who spoke with us both inside and outside detention and accommodation centers, in many cases despite expressing fear of possible consequences for having met with us.