• Tajikistan’s government persists with enforcing a repressive law on religion and in 2011 introduced new legislation further restricting religious expression and education. Authorities exercise strict control over media freedoms, and journalists are targeted for their work; in October 2011 BBC correspondent Urunboy Usmonov was found guilty on politically-motivated charges of complicity in the activities of a banned religious extremist organization.In January 2011, authorities prosecuted and convicted two law enforcement officers after a man died in custody, but torture remains an enduring problem in Tajikistan. Domestic violence against women also continues to be a serious problem in Tajik society.

  • Feb 7, 2014
    The 26-year sentence for Zaid Saidov, a prominent member of Tajikistan’s beleaguered political opposition, strikes a blow to freedom of expression and democracy in Tajikistan. Saidov should be released pending an independent review of the case.
  • Jan 21, 2014
    Ongoing serious rights abuses by the governments of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan make it essential for the United States and the European Union to consistently and publicly raise human rights concerns and urge specific human rights improvements in 2014, Human Rights Watch said in its World Report 2014.