May 3, 2011

Descent into Chaos

Thailand’s 2010 Red Shirt Protests and the Government Crackdown

I. Summary
Descent into Chaos
Live-Fire Zones and the Final Assault
Thailand’s Obligations under International Law
II. Methodology
III. Background
The People’s Alliance for Democracy and Anti-Thaksin Movement
September 2006 Coup
The 2008 Yellow Shirt Protests
The 2009 Red Shirt Protests
IV. The Red Shirt Movement
Red Shirt schools and preparation for 2010
Forming the Red Shirt Guards
The “Black Shirts”
V. Bangkok’s Descent into Chaos
Start of the “Million Man March”
The April 7-9 Confrontations
The April 10 Clashes
April 16 Attempt to Arrest UDD Leaders
The April 21-22 Confrontations at the Saladaeng Junction
The April Raids on Chulalongkorn Hospital
VI. Deadly Days of May:  Breakdown of Negotiations and “Live-Fire” Zones
Role of Maj. Gen. Khattiya Sawasdipol
“Live-Fire Zones”
VII. The Final Assault: May 19
The Army Assault
UDD Leadership Surrenders and Arson Attacks
Deaths at Wat Phatum Wanaram..
VIII. Protests and Violence Outside Bangkok
Ubon Ratchatani
Khon Kaen
IX. Aftermath: Arbitrary Detention and Surveillance
Arbitrary Arrests and Detention
Ill-Treatment of Detainees
Surveillance and Harassment in the Provinces
. Rolling Censorship of the UDD
Lese Majeste Charges
Censorship of Community Radio
Censorship of Publications
XI. Recommendations
To the Government of Thailand
To Leaders of the UDD, PAD, and Other Opposition Political Groups and Political Parties
To Foreign Governments and Intergovernmental Institutions, including the UN Human Rights Council
Appendix: Timeline of Thai Political History through the Election of Thaksin Shinawatra