September 27, 2010

Looser Rein, Uncertain Gain

A Human Rights Assessment of Five Years of King Abdullah’s Reforms in Saudi Arabia

I. Saudi Rights Reform: A Contentious Field
Growth of the Saudi Human Rights Movement
Repression of Rights Advocates
Human Rights Monitoring
Extent and Limits to Rights Reform..
Foreign Debate about Saudi Reforms
II. Loosening the Shackles on Women
Male Guardianship
Sex Segregation and Women at Work
Religious Police
Domestic Violence
III. Greater Margin of Freedom of Expression
Increased Freedom of Expression
Punished for Criticism and Rights Advocacy
IV. Improving Judicial Fairness
Legal Codification and Judicial Restructuring
Judicial Accountability
Problematic Trials
V. Religious Intolerance at Home
Interfaith Dialogue Initiative
Discrimination against Shia
VI. Neglect of Migrant Worker Rights
Sponsorship and its Reform..
Ineffective Sanctions
VII. Conclusion and Recommendations