September 16, 2010

Without Protection

How the Lebanese Justice System Fails Migrant Domestic Workers

Executive Summary
I. Background
A. Migration to Lebanon for Domestic Work
B. Legal Framework for Migrant Domestic Workers in Lebanon
II. Abuses against Domestic Workers
III. Obstacles to Justice
IV. Judicial Response to Violations
A. Unpaid Wages
B. Violence against Migrant Domestic Workers
C. Restrictions on Movement
D. Withholding Passports and Identity Papers
E. Cases of Non-Renewal of Residency
F. Complaints against Agencies
G. Deaths of Migrant Domestic Workers
V. Criminal Cases against Migrant Domestic Workers
A. Frequent Pre-trial Arrests
B. Abuse during Interrogation
C. Lack of Defense Lawyers
D. Access to Interpreters
E. Evidentiary Burden
VI. Lebanon’s International Obligations