May 14, 2010

“We’ll Tie You Up and Shoot You”

Lack of Accountability for Political Violence in Burundi

Glossary of Terms and Acronyms
Note on Administrative Structures
To the National Police of Burundi and the Office of the Attorney General (Parquet Général
To the Ministry of Interior
To Political Parties in Burundi
To Election Observers, including the European Union, the African Union, the East African Community, South Africa, and Canada
To Donors to Burundi’s Police and Justice Sectors, including the Netherlands and Belgium..
I. Background
Factors Contributing To Violence
II. Violence between Youth Groups and Other Party Militants
Case Study 1: Youth Party Violence and Police Response in Kirundo Province, January to April, 2010  
Fighting in Kabanga, January 2010
Re-emergence of Violence in Kirundo: Slight Progress in Assuring Accountability
Case Study 2: Youth Party Violence and Police Response in Kinama Commune, Bujumbura Mairie Province, October to April 2010
Violence in Carama, January 2010
Reprisal of Violence in Carama, April 2010
Elsewhere in Burundi
III. Potentially Politically Motivated Murders and Attacks
IV. Symbolic Violence and Destruction of Property
V. Threats
VI. Impunity for Past Killings and Attacks
VII. Reaction of Government, Police and Judiciary
VIII. Role of International Actors