January 7, 2010

“Where Darkness Knows No Limits”

Incarceration, Ill-Treatment and Forced Labor as Drug Rehabilitation in China

I. Recommendations
To Chinese Government Ministries of Public Security, Justice, Interior, and Health
Regarding drug detention centers
Regarding community-based interventions with drug users
Regarding the Anti-Drug Law
To United Nations Agencies and International Donors Providing Assistance or Carrying Out Programs on HIV/AIDS in China
II. Methodology
III. Background
Illicit Drug Use in China
Chinese Government’s Response to Drug Use
Anti-Drug Law of the People’s Republic of China
HIV/AIDS and Injection Drug Use in China
Drug Use and HIV/AIDS in Yunnan Province
The Unbreakable Cycle, from Guangxi to Yunnan
IV. Findings
Police Harassment and Arrest
Sentencing to Drug Detention/Community Rehabilitation
Drug Dependency Treatment
Conditions in drug detention centers
Forced labor and violence against detainees
General Conditions and Threats to Health