December 12, 2009

Truth and Justice Can’t Wait

Human Rights Developments in Libya Amid Institutional Obstacles

I. Summary
II. Recommendations
III. Methodology
IV. Background
International Re-integration
Reform Initiatives
V. Freedom of Expression
Prosecution of Journalists
Libya’s International Obligations and Libyan Law..
VI. Freedom of Assembly and Association
Freedom of Assembly
No Independent Nongovernmental Organizations
Freedom of Association Criminalized
The 2008 Attempt to Establish a Human Rights Organization
Libya’s International Obligations
VII. Violations by the Internal Security Agency
Arbitrary Detention
Mahmoud Boushima
Abdellatif Al-Raqoubi
Political Prisoners
Abdelnasser al-Rabbasi
Mahmud Matar
Fathi al-Jahmi
Jaballa Hamed Matar and Izzat al-Megaryef
Mansur al-Kikhya
Imam Sayyed Musa Sadr
Death in Custody
Ismail Ibrahim Al Khazmi
VIII. Impunity for Gross Abuses
The 1996 Abu Salim Killings
From Official Denial to Grudging Acknowledgment
Offers of Compensation but Not Truth
Unprecedented Activism – the Demands of the Families
Libya’s Obligations Under International Law
IX. The State Security Court- A New People’s Court?
Abdelhakim Al-Khoweildy
Mohamed Ahmed Al-Shoro’eyya
Case of Idris Boufayed, Jamal el Haji and 12 Others
Case of Shukri Sahil
X. The Death Penalty
Annex : Letters to the Authorities
Letter to Libyan Secretary for Justice
Letter to Libyan Secretary for Public Security