December 6, 2009

“We Have the Promises of the World”

Women’s Rights in Afghanistan

Map of Afghanistan
I. Summary
Key Recommendations
II. Methodology
III. Attacks on Women in Public Life
Women in Public Life in Afghanistan
Killings and Threats against Women in Public Life
Fear: The Multiplier Effect
Lack of Protection
Attacks on Women Parliamentarians
Women’s Participation in the 2009 Elections
Flaws in the Process
IV. Sexual Violence
A Presidential Pardon for Gang Rape
The Politician’s Son
Rape and Forced Prostitution of a Child
The Politics of Sexual Violence
Law Reform..
V. Forced and Child Marriage
Trading a 13-year-old Daughter for a New Wife
The Danger of Defying an Arranged Marriage
Legal Standards
Afghan Law on Forced Marriage
National Law on Child Marriage
International Law..
Elimination of Violence Against Women Law..
VI. Guilty on Arrival: Women’s Access to Justice
Police Abuse of Women
Female Police
A Failure to Protect
Imprisoning Women for “moral crimes”
The Courts
Traditional injustice?
VIII. Girls’ Secondary School Education
The Importance of Girls’ Education
Major Barriers to Girls’ Education
No Nearby Girls’ schools: Further to Walk than Boys
Fears of Kidnapping, Harassment, and Social Stigma
Shortcomings in Government and Donors’ Approaches to Girls’ Education
The Right to Education Under National and International Law..
IX. Government and Donor Commitments and Actions on Women’s Rights
X. Recommendations
Regarding Attacks on Women in Public Life
Regarding Sexual Violence
Regarding Forced and Child Marriage
Regarding Access to Justice
Regarding Girls Secondary School Education
XI. Acknowledgements