November 17, 2008

A Testing Challenge

The Experience of Lesotho's Universal HIV Counseling and Testing Campaign

I. Executive Summary
II. Recommendations
To the Government of Lesotho
To Donors to HIV Counseling and Testing Programs
III. Methodology
IV. Human Rights and HIV Counseling and Testing
V. Background
The Know Your Status Campaign (KYS)
Inception of KYS..
The Operational Plan
The Implementation of the KYS Campaign
VI. Findings
Informed Consent
Findings on Informed Consent
Findings on Confidentiality
Linkages to Other HIV-Related Health Services
Findings on Linkages to Prevention Services
Linkages to Care and Treatment
Problems with Post-Test Counseling
Linkages to Support
Quality Assurance, Monitoring and Evaluation
Protections for People Living with HIV and AIDS..
Protection against Discrimination in the Work Place
Women's Rights
Protection of Property
VII. Conclusion
VIII. Acknowledgements