November 6, 2007

Nowhere to Turn

Torture and Ill-treatment in Uzbekistan

UN Engagement and Some Steps Forward..
The Scope of Torture..
Pre-trial Detention
Isolation and Violation of Detention Procedures
Restrictions on the Right to a Lawyer of One's Choice..
Failure of Pre-trial Safeguards and Complaints Mechanisms
Harassment of Lawyers
Torture in Pre-trial Detention Facilities
Prolonged beatings
Electric shock
Torture by inmates
Psychological pressure, threats and inhuman treatment
Physical conditions in custody
Judges' Indifference to Torture Allegations and Coerced Testimony
Police Intimidation During Trial
Restrictions for Trial Monitors
Monitoring Post-conviction Detention
Breaking Newcomers in Post-conviction Prisons
Accountability for Torturers
To the Government of Uzbekistan..
To the United Nations
To Other Stakeholders and Governments
Appendix I. A Note on the Case of Andrei Shelkovenko
Appendix II. Letter to the Office of the Ombudsman of Uzbekistan
Appendix III. Reply from the Office of the Ombudsman
Appendix IV. Letter to Prosecutor General of Uzbekistan
Appendix V. Reply from Prosecutor General's Office