April 4, 2006

What Future?

Street Children in the Democratic Republic of Congo

I. Summary
II. Recommendations
Recommendations for the pre-election period
Recommendations for the post-election period
III. Methods
IV. Background
V. Abuses Against Street Children
Police and Military Abuse
Physical abuse
Sexual abuse of girls
Police misuse of street children
Arbitrary arrests and roundups
Special Protection Unit of the police
Child Labor
Physical Abuse by Adults and Older Street Children
Sexual Abuse of Street Girls
Sexual Abuse of Street Boys
Street Children Used for Political Purposes
VI. Factors Pushing Children into the Streets
Violence in the Home
Children Accused of Sorcery
Abuses in the home related to sorcery accusations
Abuses in churches
After the accusations
VII. International Standards
Rights of Children to Protection from Abuse, including children in custody, or otherwise deprived of their liberty
Protection from Sexual Abuse and Exploitation
Arbitrary Arrest and Detention