September 19, 2005

Burying the Truth

Uzbekistan Rewrites the Story of the Andijan Massacre

Executive Summary
Methodology and a Note on the Use of Pseudonyms
The Andijan Uprising, Protests, and Massacre
Early Post-massacre Cover-up and Intimidation of Witnesses
The Criminal Investigation into the Andijan Events
Uzbek Media Coverage of the Andijan Events
Coercive Pressure for Testimony
Detention and Abuse in Andijan
Initial Detention
Misdemeanor Hearings and Detention
The Pursuit of Victims and Eyewitnesses Who Fled to Kyrgyzstan
Coercive pressure on refugees' relatives
Attempts to Remove Refugees by Force
Consequences of Return
The Drive for Extraditions of Refugees and Asylum Seekers
Deportation and "Disappearance" of Four Asylum Seekers
The Crackdown on Civil Society Following the May 13 Events
Arrest and Detention of Human Rights Defenders and Political Activists in Andijan
Arrests and threat of arrest
Detentions and harassment
Beating, detention, and harassment of journalists in Andijan
Crackdown on Civil Society in Other Regions of Uzbekistan
Incidents directly related to expression about Andijan

Suppression of freedom of assembly

Arrest, detention, and harassment of journalists

Other incidents illustrating the broader crackdown on civil society

Beatings of human rights defenders, political activists and journalists

Mass detention of activists in advance of May 30 demonstrations in Tashkent

Detention and harassment of demonstrators near Samarkand

Two extraordinary cases of detention and harassment

Vilification of human rights defenders, political activists, and journalists through public denunciations and the media

Public denunciations and hate rallies

In the media

The Foreign Policy Context
Uzbekistan Gathers Allies
No Strategy for an International Investigation