June 1, 2011

“We’ve Never Seen Such Horror”

Crimes against Humanity by Syrian Security Forces

Note on Methodology
I. Timeline of Protest and Repression in Syria
II. Crimes against Humanity and Other Violations in Daraa
Systematic killings of protestors and bystanders
Killings during attack on al-Omari mosque and protests that followed, March 23-25, 2011
Killings during two protests on April 8, 2011
Killings during a protest and a funeral procession in Izraa, April 22-23, 2011
Killings during the siege of Daraa and neighboring villages and April 29 protest
Other incidents of killings in and around Daraa
Allegations of violence by protesters
Denial of medical assistance
Arbitrary arrests, “disappearances,” and torture
Large-scale sweep operations
Torture and ill-treatment in detention
Targeted arrests and “disappearances”
Executions and mass graves
Effect of the siege
Information blockade
To the Syrian Government
To the UN Security Council
To the UN Human Rights Council
To United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
To the Arab League