May 18, 2009

Ignoring Executions and Torture

Impunity for Bangladesh's Security Forces

Map of Bangladesh
I. Summary
Key Recommendations
II. A Short History of Impunity
Impunity for Crimes in the 1971 War
Impunity since Independence
The State of Emergency, January 2007–December 2008
The Government Elected in December 2008
III. The Security Forces
Bangladesh Armed Forces
Directorate General of Forces Intelligence
National Security Intelligence
Bangladesh Police
Rapid Action Battalion
Bangladesh Rifles
Ansar and Village Defence Party
Coast Guard
IV. Key Cases of Impunity the New Government Should Address
The "Disappearance" of Kalpana Chakma
The Torture of Debu Prasaddas
The Death of Sumon Ahmed Majumder
The Death of Abul Kalam Azad Sumon
The Death of Md. Masudur Rahman
The Torture of Shahidul Islam
The Death of Khabirul Islam Dulal
The Death of Choles Ritchil
The Torture of Tasneem Khalil
The Torture of Jahangir Alam Akash
The Torture of Rizwan Hussain
V. Causes of and Solutions for Impunity in Bangladesh
The Praxis of Immediate Denial
Intimidation and Inducements
Complaints and Inquiries
Prosecutions and Sanctions
The Legal Framework
Criminal Procedure Code
Special Powers Act
Military Laws
Armed Police Battalions Ordinance
Emergency Laws
VI. Recommendations
To the Bangladeshi Government
Investigations and Prosecutions
Institutional Reform
Law Reform
International Cooperation
To Civil Society Organizations
To Bangladesh's Donors
To the United Nations