May 2, 2002


IDF Military Operations

I. About this research
II. Summary
III. Recommendations
To the government of Israel:
To the Palestinian Authority and armed Palestinian groups:
To the government of the United States:
To the Member States of the European Union:
To the United Nations Security Council and Secretariat
To the International Community
IV. Background: The Battle Inside Jenin Refugee Camp
V. Applicable Legal Standards
Prohibition on the Indiscriminate and Disproportional Use of Force
Military Necessity
Limits on the Destruction of Civilian Property
VI. Civilian Casualties and Unlawful Killings in Jenin
Shooting of Hani Abu Rumaila, April 3
Shooting of nurse Farwa Jammal, April 3
The Shooting of Civilian Imad Musharaka, April 3
Shooting of Muhammad Hawashin, April 3
Shooting of Ahmad Hamduni, April 3
The Murder of Palestinian Militant Munthir al-Haj, April 3
Shooting of Atiya Abu Rumaila, April 5
Shooting of Abd al-Nasr GharaibApril 5
Bombing Death of 'Afaf Disuqi, April 5
Shooting of Abd al-Karim Sa'adi and Wadah Shalabi, April 6
Shooting of Munir Wishahi and Mariam Wishahi, April 6
Bombing of Yusra Abu Khurj, April 6
Shooting of Nizar Mutahin, April 6
The Bulldozing Death of Jamal Fayid, April 6
The Shooting of Jamal al-Sabbagh, April 6
The Shooting of Ali Muqasqas, April 7
Shooting of Muhammad Abu Saba'a, April 9
Killing of Nayif 'Abd al-Jabr and 'Amid Fayid, April 10
Killing of Kamal Zghair, April 10
Killing of Faris Zaiban, April 11
VII. Human Shielding and the Use of Civilians for Military Purposes
Use of Palestinian Civilians as Human Shields
Use of Palestinian Civilians for Military Purposes
VIII. Medical and Humanitarian Access, and Attacksagainst Medical Personnel
Lack of Access to Medical Treatment
Attacks on Ambulances and Medical Personnel
Denial of Humanitarian Access
IX. Disproportionate and Indiscriminate Use of ForceWithout Military Necessity by the IDF
Destruction of the Civilian Infrastructure
Inability of Civilians to Flee
Indiscriminate Helicopter Fire
Insufficient Warnings Issued by IDF
X. Acknowledgements