August 24, 2006

Convicted Before Trial

Indefinite Detention Under Malaysia's Emergency Ordinance

I. Summary
II. Recommendations
To the Malaysian Government
III. Overview of the Emergency Ordinance
A Permanent State of Emergency in Violation of International Law..
IV. The Emergency Ordinance: A Litany of Human Rights Violations.....................
Beatings and Ill-Treatment
Denial of Access to Counsel and Family and Psychological Impact of Indefinite Detention
Successive Remand Orders Followed by EO Detention
SUHAKAM Finds Successive Remand Orders a Violation of the Criminal Procedure Code
Re-Arrests Upon Court Ordered Release
Case Studies of Re-Arrest after Release
Hunger Strike in Simpang Renggam..
Psychological Impact of Indefinite Detention
Internal Exile Without Charge or Trial
V.Inhumane Conditions in Simpang Renggam..
Conditions of Detention
Poor Hygiene and Cleanliness
Inadequate Ventilation and Light
Inadequate Food
Little Contact with Outside World
Lack of Opportunities for Rehabilitation and Recreation
Legal Standards on Detention
VI. The Malaysian Government's Indefensible Support for the Emergency Ordinance