Appendix D: Sample Administrative Demolition Order

[Translated by Human Rights Watch from the Hebrew original]

Local Planning and Building Commission “Shimonim”

Administrative Demolition Order

By the power invested in me according to article 238a of the Planning and Building Law – 1965, and having read over the statement of chief supervisor of the Local Planning and Building Committee of “Shimonim”, Yaniv Gorevich, a statement submitted to me on 12.20.06.

And after being convinced that the structure mentioned below was built without a permit, and having consulted with the head of the Regional Council Bnei Shimon, Mr. Paul Moshe, in whose [municipal] territory the structure without permit is located, I herby order the demolition and removal of the entire structure as defined in the engineer’s statement.

Structure Description: Block and concrete structure, tin roof and concrete floor on an area of approximately 42 sq. meters.

The Structure is located: on coordinates 180999/580685 north of Goral Junction.

The following are the contents of sub-articles (c), (f), (g), and (h) of article 238a of the Planning and Building Law – 1965.

(c) An administrative Demolition Order will also apply to any additional construction done without permit after the order was issued, and it will be unnecessary to issue another order for the aforementioned addition.

(f) An Administrative Demolition Order can be carried out:

(1) If the structure was build without a permit – from 24 hours of being affixed [to the building].

(2)In any other circumstance – from 72 hours of being affixed.

(g) Anyone considering himself wronged by the Administrative Demolition Order is entitled to petition the court for its dismissal, though such a petition will not delay the validity of the order. An appeal against the decision of the court on such petitions has the same status as an order issued according to article 250 of the Planning and Building Law – 1965.

(h) The court will not cancel or delay an Administrative Order unless it is proved that the construction for which the order was issued had been done legally or that carrying out the order is not necessary for preventing the former from becoming an established fact.

Given on 12.20.06


Amir Ritov

Chairman of the Local Planning and Building Commission “Shimonim”

Affixation Confirmation

I, the undersigned, Mr __[Yaniv]___, hereby confirm that this [notice] has been affixed to the outer wall of the building on 12.21.06 at 10:40.