XII. Acknowledgements

Researchers in the Africa division wrote this report based on research in Kenya and Somalia in April and May 2007 by Africa division and emergencies program staff, and subsequent research by Africa division staff in June and July.

The report was edited by Georgette Gagnon, deputy director of the Africa division, and Iain Gorvin, consultant to the program office. Several Human Rights Watch staff reviewed sections of the report, including Peter Bouckaert, emergencies director; Marc Garlasco, senior military analyst; and Joanne Mariner, terrorism and counter-terrorism program director. James Ross, legal and policy director, provided legal review. 

Anna Gressel, associate in the Africa division, coordinated report production and provided invaluable administrative support. Thanks are due to Ndeye Fatu Sesay, Anja Kortenaar, Lucy Cohen, and Michael Ginsberg, interns in the Africa division, who provided research assistance. Veronica Matushaj, audio-visual director of Human Rights Watch, and Anna Lopriore assisted with the cover photograph. Andrea Holley and Fitzroy Hepkins made possible the production of the report. Yaron David designed the maps of Mogadishu.

Human Rights Watch would like to thank the many individuals and organizations who offered assistance, analysis, or information that made this report possible. Many of their names have been withheld due to the fear of reprisals.

Above all, Human Rights Watch is deeply grateful to the many Somali men and women who agreed to share their experiences with our researchers.