Civilians Under Siege in Mogadishu

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Map 1: Mogadishu: Insurgent attacks through mid-March 2007

Map 2: Mogadishu: Ethiopian offensives in March and April 2007

I. Summary

II. Key Recommendations

III. Background

IV. Mogadishu Under Siege: January–April 2007

V. International Humanitarian Law and the Armed Conflict in Somalia

VI. Patterns of Abuses by Parties to the Conflict in Mogadishu

VII. A Case Study in Laws of War Violations: The March–April Offensives

VIII. Displacement by the Fighting

IX. Applying International Humanitarian Law to the Conflict in Somalia

X. Recommendations

XI. Methodology

XII. Acknowledgements

August 2007   Volume 19, No. 12(A)