This report is based on research conducted in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo during 2006 and 2007 by researchers of the Africa Division at Human Rights Watch.  The report was reviewed and edited by Anneke Van Woudenberg, Senior Researcher in the Africa Division of Human Rights Watch; Alison Des Forges, Senior  Advisor in the Africa Division; Ian Gorvin, consultant  to the program office; and Dinah PoKempner, Senior Legal Advisor. Sarah Jackson, Associate in the Africa Division, provided invaluable production assistance.  Andrea Holley, Publications Director, provided production coordination.  Danielle Serres translated this report into French.

Human Rights Watch thanks our many international and local colleagues who provided us with valuable insight and information.  In particular we would like to thank the eyewitnesses, victims, officials, and others who agreed to speak to us about their experiences.  Because of the sensitivity of our research, we regret that we have to withhold the names of those we wish to thank.