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Appendix A – Human Rights Watch reports on domestic workers

Inside the Home, Outside the Law: Abuse of Child Domestic Workers in Morocco, December 2005

Maid to Order: Ending Abuses against Migrant Domestic Workers in Singapore, December 2005

Always on Call: Abuse and Exploitation of Child Domestic Workers in Indonesia, June 2005

Help Wanted: Abuses against Female Migrant Domestic Workers in Indonesia and Malaysia, July 2004

Bad Dreams: Exploitation and Abuse of Migrant Workers in Saudi Arabia, July 2004

Child Domestics: The World’s Invisible Workers, June 2004

No Rest: Abuses against Child Domestic Workers in El Salvador, January 2004

Borderline Slavery: Child Trafficking in Togo, April 2003

From the Household to the Factory: Sex Discrimination in the Guatemalan Labor Force, January 2002

Hidden in the Home: Abuse of Domestic Workers with Special Visas in the United States, June 2001

Punishing the Victim: Rape and Mistreatment of Asian Maids in Kuwait, August 1992 (updated 1994).
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