This report was researched and written by Bill Frelick, director of the Refugee Policy Program at Human Rights Watch. The report was also researched and edited by Peter Bouckaert, director of the Emergencies Program, and Christoph Wilcke, researcher in the Middle East Division of Human Rights Watch. The report was edited by Sarah Leah Whitson, director of the Middle East Division, Nadim Houry, Middle East researcher, Iain Levine, director of the Program Office, and Clarisa Bencomo, researcher in the Children’s Rights Division. Aisling Reidy, senior legal advisor, conducted the legal review. John Emerson designed the map. Research and editorial assistance was provided by Laura Trice of the Refugee Policy Program. Additional research and editorial assistance was provided by Jonathan Cohen, Talia Dubovi, and Caroline Tubbs of the Refugee Policy Program. DarEmar translated the report into Arabic. Assef Ashraf and Tarek Radwan of the Middle East Division assisted with Arabic transliteration. Production assistance was provided by Grace Choi of the Program Office.

UNHCR staff in Amman and al-Ruwaishid gave generously of their time, responded candidly to Human Rights Watch’s questions, and offered significant help on logistical matters. Human Rights Watch gratefully acknowledges the willingness of officials in the Jordanian Ministry of Interior to meet and answer questions and the permission it granted to visit the border-area refugee camps. Human Rights Watch also appreciates the assistance of U.S. military officers and soldiers in facilitating the visits to the refugee camps in the no man’s land and inside Iraq.