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Appendix II: “The Great Firewall of China: Keywords used to filter web content”

The Washington Post
The Great Firewall of China
Keywords Used to Filter Web Content
Saturday, February 18, 2006; 11:11 AM

The Washington Post obtained a list of keywords used by a Chinese blog service provider to flag offensive material. Of 236 items on the list, 18 were obscenities. The rest were related to politics or current affairs.

Most words on this list can be posted on Chinese Web sites, but their presence quietly alerts editors to examine the messages that contain them and possibly take action. In tests, postings that included long sections of the list were allowed to remain on several sites, but quickly removed from others. One site also blocked the computer used to conduct the tests from posting anything else.

In addition, on most sites, at least some of the sensitive phrases cannot be posted at all. Depending on the site, filters replace the offending words with asterisks or block the entire message. Below is the list. Obscenities have been withheld.

Names of People [Chinese characters added by Human Rights Watch]

Bao Tong 鲍彤

Chen Yonglin 陈用林

Cui Yingjie 崔英杰

Ding Jiaban 丁家班

Du Zhaoyong 杜兆勇

Gao Jingyun 高景云

Gao Zhisheng 高智晟

He Jiadong 何家栋

He Weifang 贺为方

Hu Xingdou 胡星斗

Hu Yuehua 胡跃华

Hua Guofeng 华国锋

Huang Jingao 黄金高

Jiang Mianheng 江绵恒

Jiang Yanyong 蒋彦永

Jiang Zemin 江泽民

Jiao Guobiao 焦国标

Jin Zhong 金众

Li Zhiying 李智英

Liang Yuncai 梁云才

Liu Jianfeng 柳剑锋

Liu Junning 刘军宁

Liu Xiabobo 刘晓波

Nie Shubin 聂树斌

Nie Shubin (repeated)

Sun Dawu 孙大午

Wang Binyu 王斌余

Wang Lixiong 王力雄

Xu Zhiyong 许志永

Yang Bin 杨斌

Yang Dongping 杨东平

Yu Jie 俞杰

Zhang Weiying 张惟英

Zhang Xingshui 张星水

Zhang Zuhua 张祖桦

Zhao Yan 赵岩

Zhou Qing 周勍

Zhu Chenghu 朱成虎

Zhu Wenhu 朱文虎

Zi Yang (in English)

Ziyang (in Chinese) 紫阳

Ziyang (in English)

zzy (in English, abbreviation for Zhao Ziyang)

Chinese Politics

17th party congress 十七大

Babaoshan 八宝山

Beat [overthrow] the Central Propaganda Department 打倒中宣部

Blast the Central Propaganda Department炮打中宣部

Block the road and demand back pay

Chief of the Finance Bureau 金融司司长

Children of high officials 高干子弟

China liberal (in English)

Chinese Communist high officials 中共高干

Denounce the Central Propaganda Department 讨伐中宣部

Down with the Central Propaganda Department 痛打中宣部

Impeach 罢免

Lin Zhao Memorial Award 林昭纪念奖

Patriots Alliance 爱国者同盟

Patriots Alliance (abbreviated) 爱盟 

Patriots Alliance Web 爱国者同盟网

Police chase after and kill police 警察追杀警察

Pollution lawsuit 污染诉讼

Procedures for dismissing an official 罢官规则

Red Terror 红色恐怖

Set fires to force people to relocate 动迁纵火

Sons of high officials 高干子弟

The Central Propaganda Department is the AIDS of Chinese society 中宣部是中国社会的艾滋病

Villagers fight with weapons 村民械斗

Wang Anshi’s reform and the fall of the Northern Song dynasty 王安石变法与北宋的灭亡

Specific Issues and Events

Buy corpses 买尸体

Cadres transferred from the military 军转干部

Cashfiesta (English)

Cat abuse 虐猫

Changxin Coal Mountain 长兴媒山

China Youth Daily staff evaluation system 中青报考评

Chinese orphanage 中国孤儿院

Chinese Yangshen Yizhi Gong  中华养生益智功

Demobilized soldiers transferred to other industries 复转军人

Dongyang 东阳

Dongzhou 东洲

Fetus soup 婴儿汤

Foot and mouth disease 口蹄疫

Fuzhou pig case 福州猪案

Gaoxin Hospital 高新医院

High-speed train petition 高铁大签名

Hire a killer to murder one’s wife 雇凶杀妻

Honghai Bay 红海湾

Horseracing 马术比赛

Jinxin Pharmaceutical 京新药业

Kelemayi 克拉玛依

Linyi family planning 临沂计划生育

Market access system 准入制

Mascot 吉祥物

Military wages 军人工资

No Friendlies 无福娃

Prosecutor committed suicide 检察长自杀

Pubu Ravine 瀑布沟

Shanwei government 汕尾政府

Suicide of deputy mayor 副市长自杀

Suicide of Kuerle mayor 库尔勒市市长自杀

Swiss University of Finance 瑞士金融大学

Taishi village 太石村

Top ten worst cities 十大最差城市

Wanzhou 万州

Weitan [Village] 韦滩村

Zhang Chunxian welcomes supervision against corruption 张春贤欢迎廉政监督

Falun Gong

Terms related to the banned Falun Gong spiritual movement, including phrases from its “NineCommentaries” manifesto against the Communist Party

Chinese Communist Party brutally kills people 共产党残暴杀人

dajiyuan (in English)

Defy the heavens, earth and nature. Mao Zedong 藐视天地自然。毛泽东

Epoch Times 大纪元

Epoch Times (written with a different character) 大纪园

Epoch Times news Web site 大纪元新闻网

Evaluate the Chinese Communist Party 评中国共产党

Evaluate the Chinese Communist Party (abbreviated) 评共产党

falundafa (in English)

flg (in English)

Fozhan Qianshou Fa 佛展千手法

Guantong Liangji Fa 贯通两极法

In the Chinese Communist Party, common standards of humanity don’t exist 共产党那里,没有普遍的人性标准

Li Hongzhi 李洪志

lihongzhi (in English)

Master Li 李大师

minghui (in English)

Mother and daughter accused each other, and students and teachers became enemies 母女告发和师生反目

New Tang dynasty TV Station 新唐人电视台

Nine Commentaries 九评

No. 1 evil cult in the world 人世间的头号大邪教

Obedient citizens under its brutal rule 它暴虐统治下的顺民

People become brutal in violence, Chinese Communist Party  暴力之中人变得暴虐,共产党

People developed a concept of the Chinese Communist Party, but 人们对共产党又产生了幻想。但是,

People who could escape have escaped, and had people to seek refuge with 逃的逃,有人投靠

Quit the party 退党

Run the opposite direction of the so-called ideals of Communism 与所谓共产主义的理想背道而驰

Shenzhou Jiachifa 神通加持法

Spring Festival Gala of the World’s Chinese 全球华人春节联欢晚会

Steal people’s painstaking work 盗用人民辛勤劳动

Truth, Compassion, Tolerance [Falungong slogan] 真善忍

Zhenshanren (in English) [same slogan in English]

Overseas Web Sites, Publications and Dissident Groups

Century China Foundation 世纪中国基金会

China Issues Forum 中国问题论坛

China Renaissance Forum 中国复兴论坛

China Society Forum 中国社会论坛

China Spring 中国之春

Chinese Current Affairs 中华时事

Chinese World Forum 华语世界论坛

EastSouthWestNorth Forum 东南西北论坛

EastWestSouthNorth Forum 东西南北论坛

Forum of Wind, Rain and the Divine Land 风雨神州论坛

Freedom and Democracy Forum 自由民主论坛

Freedom to Write Award 自由写作奖

Great China Forum 大中华论坛

Han Style 汉风

Huatong Current Affairs Forum 华通时事论坛

Huaxia Digest 华夏文摘

Huayue Current Affairs Forum 华岳时事论坛

Independent Chinese PEN Center 独立中文笔会

Jimaoxin Collection 鸡毛信文汇

Justice Party Forum 正义党论坛

New Birth Web 新生网

New Observer Forum 新观察论坛

North American Freedom Forum 北美自由论坛

reminbao (in English)

remingbao (in English)

Small Reference 小参考

Spring and Summer Forum 春夏自由论坛

Voice of the People Forum 人民之声论坛

Worldwide Reader Forum 万维读者论坛

You Say I Say Forum 你说我说论坛

Zhengming Forum 争鸣论坛

Zhidian Jiangshan Forum 指点江山论坛

Zhongshan Wind and Rain Forum 钟山风雨论坛


Establish Taiwan Country Movement Organization 台湾建国运动组织

Great President Chen Shui-bian 陈水扁大总统

Independent League of Taiwan Youth 台湾青年独立联盟

Independent Taiwan Association 独立台湾会

New Party 新党

Taiwan Freedom League 台湾自由联盟

Taiwan Political Discussion Zone 台湾政论区

Ethnic Minorities

East Turkestan 东土耳其斯坦

East Turkestan (abbreviated) 东突

Han-Hui conflicts [ethnic conflicts] 回汉冲突

Henan Zhongmu 河南中牟

Hui [muslim ethnic minority] rebellion 回民暴动

Hui village 回民村

Langcheng Gang 狼城岗

Nancheng Gang 南城岗

Nanren Village 南仁村

Tibet independence 疆独

Xinjiang independence 疆独

Zhongmu County 中牟县

Tiananmen Square

Memoirs of June 4 participants 六四参加者回忆录

Redress June 4 六四平反

Tiananmen videotape 天安门录影带

Tiananmen incident 天安门事件

Tiananmen massacre 天安门屠杀

Tiananmen generation 天安门一代

World Economic Herald 世界经济导报


Cleaning and rectifying Web sites 网站清理整顿

China’s true content 中国真实内容

Internet commentator 网络评论员

News blockade 新闻封锁


Indonesia 印尼

North Korea falls out with China 朝鲜对中国翻脸

Paris riots 巴黎骚乱

Tsunami 海啸


Armageddon 世界末日

Bomb 炸弹

Bug 窃听器

Handmade pistol 自制手枪

Nuclear bomb 原子弹

Wiretap 监听器

Chinese People Tell the Truth 中华人民实话实说

Chinese People Justice and Evil 中华人民正邪

China Social Progressive Party 中国社会进步党

Chinese Truth Report 中华真实报道

Dazhong Zhenren Zhenshi 大众真人真事

Jingdongriji (English)

Night talk of the Forbidden City 夜话紫禁城

People’s Inside Information and Truth 人民内情真

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