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About this Report

This report was researched and written by Elijah Zarwan, a consultant for Human Rights Watch. Eric Goldstein, a senior researcher in Human Rights Watch’s Middle East and North Africa Division, Hadi Ghaemi, Human Rights Watch’s Iran researcher, Joe Stork, Washington advocacy director for the Middle East and North Africa Division of Human Rights Watch, Dinah PoKempner, Human Rights Watch’s general counsel, and Joe Saunders, Human Rights Watch’s deputy program director, edited this report and contributed research.

Gamal Eid provided exceptional assistance in researching the report, particularly the chapter on Egypt, and provided the title. Among the many others who provided invaluable research assistance were Fred Abrahams, Abeer Allam, Derek Bambauer, Robert Guerra, Eri Kaneko, Nagwa Hassan, Bennett Haselton, Abdolreza Mazaheri, Robin Moger, Nicholas Noe, Julien Pain, Jagdish Parikh, Mark Seiden, Kristina Stockwood, Maha Taki, Lubna Takruri, Sudhin Thanawala, Sarita Tukaram, Nart Villeneuve, and Ethan Zuckerman.

This report is dedicated to the writers and activists who spoke to Human Rights Watch in the course of the research that went in to it, often taking great risks to do so.

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