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This report was researched and written by Miranda Sissons, a Human Rights Watch researcher and consultant. Joe Stork, deputy director of the Middle East and North Africa Division of Human Rights Watch, and Lucy Mair, researcher with the Middle East division, provided additional research and writing. Joe Stork edited the report. Wilder Tayler, Human Rights Watch’s Legal and Policy director, provided the legal review. Widney Brown, deputy program director, and Kenneth Roth, executive director, also reviewed the report. Mohamed Abdel Dayem, media coordinator with the Middle East division, assisted with transliteration. Tarek Radwan and Leila Hull, associates with the Middle East division, provided research and production assistance. They and Andrea Holley, manager of outreach and publications, prepared the report for publication. Interns Dana Myrtenbaum, Eitan Buchvall, Bill van Esveld, Marjolaine Geze, Efraim Halamish, Sarah Heydemann, and Reem Hafez also provided research assistance.

Human Rights Watch would like to extend special thanks to all witnesses, victims, and families of victims who graciously consented to be interviewed for this report. We would also like to extend special thanks to our colleagues at B’Tselem, al-Haq, LAW, the Palestine Center for Human Rights, Adalah, the Public Committee against Torture in Israel, and Physicians for Human Rights – Israel, and in particular to Ronen Shnayderman, Ali Daraghmeh, Zahi Jaradat, Yusuf Qawaikib, Mazen al-Majdalawi, Shawan Jabarin, Lena Johannsen, Orna Kohn, and Gabby Lasky.

Human Rights Watch thanks those Israeli government officials who responded to requests for information and interviews, and otherwise provided assistance when requested, including Maj. Sam Wiedermann and Col. Einat Ron.

Additional thanks go to Carmi Lecker, Ibrahim ‘Adwan, Jessica Bonn, Abu Jammal, Nigel Snoad, Shaul Vardi, Jessica Bonn, and Lucretia Botton.

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