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Table of Cases

Mahmoad Abdah, et al. v. George W. Bush, et al. (2005)

Guantánamo Bay to Yemen

Cases of Ahmed Agiza and Mohammed al-Zari (2001)

Sweden to Egypt

Case of Akhmed A. (2004)

Austria to Russia

Case of Maher Arar (2004)

United States to Syria

Former Belmarsh Detainees (2004/2005)

United Kingdom to various countries in the Middle East and North Africa

Chahal v. United Kingdom (1996)

United Kingdom to India

In the Matter of Adil Charkaoui (2004-2005)

Canada to Morocco

Cornejo-Barreto v. Siefert (2004)

United States to Mexico

In the Matter of Ashraf al-Jailani (2004)

United States to Yemen

Case of Metin Kaplan (2005)

Germany to Turkey

In the Matter of Nuriye Kesbir (2005)

Netherlands to Turkey

Case of Omar Khadr (2005)

Guantánamo Bay to Canada

Lai v. Canada (2004)

Canada to China

Mahjoub v. Canada (2005)

Canada to Egypt

Mamatkulov and Askarov v. Turkey (2005)

Turkey to Uzbekistan

Tapia Paez v. Sweden (1997)

Sweden to Peru

Soering v. United Kingdom (1989)

United Kingdom to United States

Suresh v. Canada (2002)

Canada to Sri Lanka

Uighur Detainees (2005)

Guantánamo Bay to China

Hani Youssef v. The Home Office (1999/2004)

United Kingdom to Egypt

*Under each case title is the sending country and the receiving or requesting country; for example, Sweden expelled Ahmed Agiza and Mohammed al-Zari to Egypt. In some cases, the sending country attempted to return a person based on diplomatic assurances, but a court prohibited the return, ruling that the assurances were not an adequate safeguard against torture; for example, the Netherlands attempted to extradite Nuriye Kesbir to Turkey.

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