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To the Congolese Government:

  • Take all necessary steps to halt the distribution by North Kivu authorities of firearms or other weapons to civilians, and collect and properly dispose of firearms already distributed.  Discipline or prosecute as appropriate any official involved in such activity.

  • Take all necessary steps to ensure that the Congolese armed forces act in full accordance with international human rights and humanitarian law.  Investigate and fully prosecute serious human rights and humanitarian law violations.

  • Ensure the full integration of various factions into the new national army without further delay. Establish a vetting process to prevent persons against whom there is substantial evidence of human rights abuse from being integrated into the national army until accusations against them have been fully investigated. Provide training on the laws of armed conflict to all persons integrated into the national army.

    To MONUC:

  • Assist the Congolese army in the collection and disposal of illegally distributed firearms, as described above.

  • Ensure that MONUC forces operate under clear rules of engagement and have the necessary information to respond promptly and effectively to situations that may imperil civilians.

  • Integrate MONUC human rights specialists into all MONUC activities, including patrols and other military operations in North Kivu, South Kivu and other conflict zones as necessary, in order to ensure timely intervention to protect civilians under imminent threat of violence.  Ensure that human rights specialists participate in planning of military operations.

    To the Security Council and CIAT member states:

  • Ensure that MONUC has sufficient troop strength and logistical support to respond promptly and effectively to situations that may imperil civilians.

  • Publicly call upon the DRC government to prosecute all persons responsible for serious violations of international humanitarian law.

  • Coordinate efforts to influence all Congolese parties to implement treaties and political agreements, including those providing for an integrated national army and for demobilizing armed groups in eastern Congo.

  • Continue to urge Rwanda to adhere to its treaty obligations not to have a military presence in the Congo or support any armed groups operating in eastern DRC.

  • In assisting the Congolese government to create a unified national army, insist on the establishment of a vetting process as described above for those suspected of serious human rights or humanitarian law abuses.  

    To donor governments:

  • Expand assistance to programs of judicial reform, including by following the model of the European Union-funded pilot program in Ituri.

    To the International Criminal Court:

  • Consider launching investigations into war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in both North and South Kivu from July 2002 onwards.

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