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XI. Acknowledgements

This report was researched and written by Anneke Van Woudenberg, senior researcher in the Africa Division of Human Rights Watch.  Additional research was provided by Alex Vines of the Business and Human Rights Division, Carina Tertsakian and Karen Stauss of the Africa Division, and Carroll Bogert, Associate Director of Human Rights Watch.  Research assistance was provided by Alison Holder, Lizzie Parsons and Sébastien Gillioz.

The report was edited by Alison Des Forges, senior advisor to the Africa Division with input from Arvind Ganeasan, director of the Business and Human Rights Division; Alex Vines, senior researcher; Georgette Gagnon, deputy director of the Africa Division; Peter Takirambudde, executive director of the Africa Division; Iain Levine, program director; Ken Roth, executive director.  Wilder Tayler, legal and policy director, provided valuable input and extensive legal review.  Production assistance and coordination was provided by Lizzie Parsons, associate in the Africa division; with help from Andrea Holley, publications director; and Veronica Mathushaj, photo editor.  Anne Fonteneau translated this report into French and John Emerson provided map design services.

We wish to thank all those individuals who contributed their time and advice to the legal review of this report.  Special thanks to Derek Spitz, Barrister at One Essex Court Chambers and to legal counsel at Morrison & Foerster MNP, amongst others.

We wish to especially thank our Congolese colleagues in Justice Plus and other individuals who cannot be named for security reasons for their commitment and assistance.  They risk their lives to defend the rights of others.  We greatly appreciate all those who took the time and courage to speak to our researchers, in particular those who have themselves been the victims of abuse.

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