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Principal Recommendations to the Chadian Government

  • Remove former high-level Habré-era security agents from security posts.

  • Declare publicly that it will not tolerate any intimidation against those seeking redress and justice in the courts

  • Give full support to the Chadian justice system in its handling of the cases against former DDS agents, including security and material support for the investigating judge charged with this case.

  • Provide financial compensation to each victim or family or create an assistance fund in order to repair the damage caused by the agents of the Chadian state.

  • In order to honor the memory of those who perished during Habré’s regime and in order to educate Chadian society about the horrors of that regime, implement the recommendations of the Truth Commission and “construct a monument honoring the memory of the victims of Habré’s repression,” “designate a day for prayer and contemplation for said victims,” and “transform the former DDS headquarters and underground prison known as the ‘Piscine’ into a museum.”

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