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This report is based on research conducted by Human Rights Watch researchers in 2003 through 2005 in Afghanistan and from New York.  Brad Adams, Executive Director of the Asia Division and Joe Saunders, Deputy Program Director, edited the report.  James Ross, Senior Legal Advisor, provided legal review.  Nisha Varia, Zama Coursen-Neff, and Marc Garlasco also reviewed the report and provided comments.  Jo-Anne Prud’homme, Ami Evangelista, Liz Weiss, Angelina Fisher, and Jane Stratton provided research assistance.

Production assistance was provided by Veronica Matushaj, Andrea Holley, Fitzroy Hepkins, and Jagdish Parikh.  John Emerson designed the map.  Human Rights Watch would like to thank Space Imaging for their generous contribution of satellite imagery of Kabul.  Matthew McKenzie designed the satellite photograph images.

Human Rights Watch specially thanks the Afghan women and men whom we interviewed for this report and who assisted us in our investigation. For security reasons, many of them cannot be named here.

We would also like to thank the countless staff and officials of non-governmental organizations and U.N. agencies in Afghanistan who have assisted us with our work, as well as the numerous other sources who provided helpful comments, advice, and information.  We want to specially thank international and Afghan television, radio, and print journalists who have provided information for this report.

We would also like to thank Ahmed Rashid for his support and encouragement, as well as Barnett R. Rubin and Patricia Gossman for their ongoing assistance.

Our work on Afghanistan has required significant financial resources. We thank the Ford Foundation, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, the Carnegie Corporation of New York, Stichting Doen, and Rockefeller Brothers Fund for their generous contributions to our emergency work in Afghanistan in 2003.

We also wish to acknowledge the generous support of the Annenberg Foundation, which has enabled Human Rights Watch to sustain our monitoring of Afghanistan.

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