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1995 Publications

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Human Rights Watch

Playing the "Communal Card": Communal Violence and Human Rights, 4/95, 176 pp.

Slaughter Among Neighbors: The Political Origins of Communal Violence, 10/95, 202 pp.

Human Rights Watch/Africa

Old Habits Die Hard: Rights Abuses Follow Renewed Foreign Aid Commitments, 7/95, 15 pp.

The Ogoni Crisis: A Case-Study of Military Repression in Southeastern Nigeria, 7/95, 44 pp.

The Crisis Continues, 4/95, 15 pp.

Somalia Faces the Future: Human Rights in a Fragmented Society, 4/95, 72 pp.

South Africa
Threats to a New Democracy: Continuing Violence in KwaZulu-Natal, 5/95, 38 pp.

Violence against Women in South Africa: The State Response to Domestic Violence and Rape, 11/95, 144 pp.

Child Soldiers in Sudan: Slaves, Street Children and Child Soldiers, 9/95, 128 pp.

Human Rights Watch/Americas

Human Rights Violations and the War on Drugs, 7/95, 42 pp.

Improvements without Reform, 10/95, 34 pp.

Disappeared in Guatemala: The Case of Efraín Bámaca Velásquez, 3/95, 15 pp.

Security Compromised: Recycled Haitian Soldiers on the Police Front Line, 3/95, 27 pp.

Human Rights Conditions Prior to the June 1995 Elections, 6/95, 20 pp.

Human Rights after President Aristide's Return, 10/95, 33 pp.

Army Officer Held "Responsible" for Chiapas Massacre: Accused Found Dead at Defense Ministry, 6/95, 13 pp.

The Two Faces of Justice, 7/95, 52 pp.

United States
Crossing the Line: Human Rights Abuses Along the U.S. Border with Mexico Persist Amid Climate of Impunity, 4/95, 37 pp.

Human Rights Watch/Asia

Abuses Linked to the Fall of Manerplaw, 3/95, 30 pp.

Entrenchment or Reform?: Human Rights Developments and the Need for Continued Pressure, 7/95, 39 pp.

Cambodia at War, 3/95, 168 pp.

The War Against Free Speech: Letter from Human Rights Watch and the New Cambodian Press Law, 9/95, 15 pp.

Enforced Exile of Dissidents: Government "Re-entry Blacklist" Revealed, 1/95, 22 pp.

The Three Gorges Dam in China: Forced Resettlement, Suppression of Dissent and Labor Rights Concerns, 2/95, 48 pp.

Keeping the Lid on Demands for Change, 6/95, 13 pp.

"Leaking State Secrets": The Case of Gao Yu, 7/95, 32 pp.

Human Rights in the APEC Region: 1995, 11/95, 46 pp.

Rape for Profit: Trafficking of Nepali Girls and Women to India's Brothels, 7/95, 96 pp.

Deterioriating Human Rights in East Timor, 2/95, 13 pp.

Soeharto Retaliates against Critics: Official Reactions to Demonstrations in Germany, 5/95, 7 pp.

Press Closures in Indonesia One Year Later, 7/95, 6 pp.

Prison Conditions in Japan, 3/95, 112 pp.

Contemporary Forms of Slavery in Pakistan, 7/95, 96 pp.

South Korea
Labor Rights Violations under Democratic Rule, 11/95, 31 pp.

Sri Lanka
Stop Killings of Civilians, 7/95, 10 pp.

The Suppression of the Unified Buddhist Church, 3/95, 16 pp.

Human Rights in a Season of Transition: Law and Dissent in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, 8/95, 19 pp.

Human Rights Watch/Helsinki

The Greek Minority, 2/95, 20 pp.

The Fall of Srebrenica and the Failure of U.N. Peacekeeping, 10/95, 58 pp.

The Croatian Army Offensive in Western Slavonia and its Aftermath, 7/95, 17 pp.

Civil and Political Rights in Croatia, 10/95, 176 pp.

Trial in Georgia Draws to a Close, 1/95, 14 pp.

Georgia/Abkhazia: Violations of the Laws of War and Russia's Role in the Conflict, 3/95, 56 pp.

"Germany for Germans": Xenophobia and Racist Violence in Germany, 4/95, 120 pp.

Russia's War in Chechnya: Victims Speak Out, 1/95, 8 pp.

War in Chechnya: New Report from the Field, 1/95, 14 pp.

Three Months of War in Chechnya, 2/95, 26 pp.

Partisan War in Chechnya on the Eve of the WWII Commemoration, 5/95, 19 pp.

Crime or Simply Punishment?: Racist Attacks by Moscow Law Enforcement, 9/95, 32 pp.

Return to Tajikistan: Continued Regional and Ethnic Tensions, 5/95, 30 pp.

Former Yugoslavia
War Crimes Trials in the Former Yugoslavia, 6/95, 45 pp.

Human Rights Watch/Middle East

Six Months Later, Cover-Up Continues in Prison Clash that Left 100 Inmates Dead: Report by Defense Lawyers Charges Inmates Were Deliberately Massacred, 8/95, 18 pp.

Hostage-Taking and Intimidation by Security Forces, 1/95, 41 pp.

Iraq's Crime of Genocide: The Anfal Campaign against the Kurds, 5/95, 406 pp.

Iraq's Brutal Decrees: Amputation, Branding and the Death Penalty, 6/95, 16 pp.

Israel & Israeli-Occupied Territories

The Gaza Strip and Jericho: Human Rights under Palestinian Partial Self-Rule, 2/95, 50 pp.

The Bedoons of Kuwait: "Citizens without Citizenship," 8/95, 120 pp.

Human Rights in Morocco, 10/95, 42 pp.

The Price of Dissent, 7/95, 54 pp.

Western Sahara
Keeping it Secret: The United Nations Operation in the Western Sahara, 10/95, 42 pp.

Human Rights Watch Arms Project

Cambodia at War, 3/95, 168 pp.

Blinding Laser Weapons: The Need to Ban a Cruel and Inhumane Weapon, 9/95, 49 pp.

Georgia/Abkhazia: Violations of the Laws of War and Russia's Role in the Conflict, 3/95, 56 pp.

Rearming with Impunity: International Support for the Perpetrators of the Rwandan Genocide, 5/95, 19 pp.

Weapons Transfers and Violations of the Laws of War in Turkey, 11/95, 184 pp.

United States
U.S. Blinding Laser Weapons, 5/95, 16 pp.

Human Rights Watch Children's Rights Project

Child Soldiers in Sudan: Slaves, Street Children and Child Soldiers, 9/95, 128 pp.

United States
A World Leader in Executing Juveniles, 3/95, 22 pp.

Children in Confinement in Louisiana, 10/95, 152 pp.

Human Rights Watch Free Expression Project

Banned, Censored, Harassed and Jailed Writers Receive Grants: 48 Writers from 23 Countries Recognized by Lillian Hellman/Dashiell Hammett Funds, 6/95, 8 pp.

Human Rights Watch Prison Project

Prison Conditions in Japan, 3/95, 112 pp.

Human Rights Watch Women's Rights Project

The Human Rights Watch Global Report on Women's Human Rights, 8/95, 480 pp.

Neither Jobs Nor Justice: State Discrimination Against Women in Russia, 3/95, 30 pp.

South Africa
Violence against Women in South Africa: The State Response to Domestic Violence and Rape, 11/95, 144 pp.

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