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An increasingly interconnected world is generating human rights problems of a global dimension. From regulating the global economy to rebuilding war-torn societies to bringing the most heinous criminals to justice, global solutions are needed to these global problems. A nation would never willingly address its most complex national problems with handicapped national institutions. So the world needs to enhance its institutional capacity on a global level to address the most serious human rights problems that transcend national borders. Some progress is being made in each of these areas, but far more needs to be done. The challenge today is to build a global institutional capacity commensurate with the complexity and importance of these global problems.

Over fifty years ago, as World War II ended and a new era began, the international community created a new set of institutions to address the challenges of the future. What emerged were such landmark organizations as the United Nations and the Bretton-Woods institutions. Similar vision is needed today. To manage the global economy, stronger institutions are needed to ensure respect for human rights. To assist war-torn nations, the United Nations must be bolstered substantially. To build an international system of justice, the International Criminal Court must be launched and supported. These are major steps requiring foresight and commitment. Complacency can no longer be tolerated. It is time to act.


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