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2000 Publications

To order any of the following titles, please call our Publications Department at (212) 216-1813 and ask for our publications catalog or visit our site on the World Wide Web at This listing also contains reports from 1999 that were not listed in the World Report 2000..


Unfinished Business: Return of Displaced Persons and Other HR Issues in Bijeljina, 5/00, 77pp.


Burmese Refugees in Bangladesh: Still no Durable Solution, 5/00, 29pp.


Emptying The Hills: Regroupment in Burundi, 7/00, 38pp.

Neglecting Justice in Making Peace, 4/00, 18pp.


Nipped in the Bud: The Suppression of the Chineses Democracy Movement, 9/00, 36pp.

Tibet Since 1950: Silence Prison or Exile,

5/00, 184 ppp.


The Ties That Bind:Colombia and Military-Paramilitary Links, 2/00, 25pp.


Croatia's Democracy Deficit: A Pre-Electoral Assessment, 12/99, 20pp.

Democratic Republic of Congo

Eastern Congo Ravaged - Killing Civilians and Silencing Protest, 5/00 40pp.


Backtracking on Reform: Amendments Undermine Access to Justice, 10/00, 64pp.


Forced Expulsions to West Timor and The Refugee Crisis, 11/99, 21pp.

Human Rights and Pro-Independence Actions in Papua, 1999-2000, 5/00, 42pp.

Israel, The Occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip, and The Palestinian Aurthority Territories

Investigation into Unlawful use of Force in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and Northern Israel, October 4 through

October 11, 10/00, 13pp.


Owed Justice: Thai Women Trafficked into Debt Bondage in Japan, 9/00, 228pp.


Promises Betrayed: Denial of Rights of Bidun, Women, & Freedom of Expression, 10/00, 43pp.


Living in Limbo: Burmese Rohingyas in Malaysia, 8/00, 77pp.


Civilian Deaths in the Nato Air Campaign, 2/00, 79pp.


Prison Bound, The Denial of Juvenile Justice in Pakistan, 10/99, 147pp.

Reform or Repression? Post-Coup Abuses in Pakistan, 10/00, 24pp.


"Welcome to Hell": Arbitrary Detention, Torture, and Extortion in Chechnya, 10/00, 99pp.

February 5: A Day of Slaughter in Novye Aldi , 6/00, 43pp.

No Happiness Remains:" Civilian Killings, Pillage, and Rape in Alkhan-Yurt, Chechnya 4/00, 35pp.

Civilian Killings in Staropromyslovski of Grozny, 2/00, 18pp.


The Search for Security and Human Rights Abuses, 4/00 30pp.

South Africa

A Question of Principle: Arms Trade and Human Rights, 10/00, 48pp.


Freedom of Expression Still Threatened, 11/99, 32pp.


Seeking Protection: Addressing Sexual and Domestic Violence in Tanzania's Refugee Camps, 10/00, 151pp.


The Administration of Justice in Tunisia:Torture, Trumped-Up Charges and a Tainted Trial,

2/00, 31pp.


Human Rights and The European Union Accession Partnership, 9/00, 31pp.

Small Group Isolation in Turkish Prisons: An Avoidable Disaster, 5/00, 15pp.

United Kingdom/Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland: A New Beginning to Policing? The Report of the Independent Commission on Policing, 11/99, 21pp.

United States

Unfair Advantage: Workers' Freedom of Association in the U.S. under International Human Rights Standards, 8/00, 220pp.

Fingers to the Bone: United States Failure to Protect Child Farmworkers, 6/00, 112pp.

Clinton's Landmine Legacy, 7/00, 44 pp.

Punishment and Prejudice- The Racial Cost of the War on Drugs, 5/00, 39 pp.

Out of Sight: Super-Maximum Security Confinement in the US, 2/00, 9 pp.


Leaving No Witnesses: Uzbekistan's Campaign Against Rights Defenders, 3/00, 37pp.


The Silencing of Dissent, 5/00, 38pp.

Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

Kosovo: Rape As A Weapon of "Ethnic Cleansing", 3/00, 39pp.

Curtailing Political Dissent: Serbia's Campaign of Violence and Harassment Against Government's Violence and Harassment Against government's critics, 4/00, 41pp.

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