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Africa Division
Belgium: Sudan advocacy with NGO and government officials (April-May).

Benin: Research on Human Rights Commissions (April).

Burundi: Networking with NGOs and African Commission (March-April).
Networking with NGOs (October).

Cameroon: Research on Human Rights Commissions (October).

Denmark: Advocacy on Rwanda (April).

Eritrea: Research on deportations (April).

Ethiopia: Participation in U.N. conference (June).

France: Advocacy on Rwanda (April)

Germany: Advocacy on Rwanda (April); on Sudan (April-May); and on Angola for report release (September).

Kenya: Research on urban refugees (April); with Arms Division on the role of the government in political violence (May); and on forced deportations in the Horn of Africa war (May). Advocacy on political rights in Uganda (October).

Netherlands: Advocacy on Rwanda (April); on Sudan (April-May); and on Rwanda (July).

Nigeria: Report release and research on Niger Delta situation (February). Research on Human Rights Commissions (March).

Rwanda: Advocacy on Rwanda study (April). Networking with NGOs (April). Research (May). Participation in conference sponsored by genocide survivors (July). Research and advocacy (September-October).

South Africa: Research into violence against farmworkers (August).

Senegal: Research on Human Rights Commissions (April).

Sudan: Research on human rights and conflict resolution (February-March); on slavery and internal displacement (July-August).

Switzerland: Advocacy on Rwanda (April). Provided expert testimony in genocide trial (April).

Tanzania: Advocacy on Burundian refugees (June-July).

Togo: Research on Human Rights Commissions (April).

Uganda: Networking with exiled Sudanese (February-March); and with local NGOs (April). Release of report on political freedom (October).

United Kingdom: Advocacy on Rwanda (April); and on Sudan (April-May). Participation in conference on good governance in Africa (September).

United States: Advocacy on Rwanda with State Department, National Security Council, Department of Defense, and members of Congress (April). State Department meeting on refugees in Tanzania (July). Testimony to House Subcommittee on Africa on Nigeria (August). Presentations on Angola at United Nations (September); and at State Department Conference (October). Advocacy on Nigeria (October).

Zambia: Research on freedom of expression and association (May).

Americas Division
Brazil: Mission to Natal, Rio Grande do Norte State to testify (and assist in the investigation and prosecution) in the case of Gilson Nogueira, human rights lawyer killed in October 1996 (April). Investigations in São Paulo on the racial component of police violence and discrimination in the criminal justice system (May, July and August). Advocacy in Recife, Pernamubuco state, conference on prison conditions (May). Investigation in Paraná state on allegations of torture and severe beatings of rural laborers during land conflicts (June). Advocacy in Curitiba, Parana, conference on international covenants (June); and in São Paulo, conference on the Inter-American human rights system (July).

Canada: Advocacy on human rights concerns in the region (June).

Chile: Release of Pinochet report, When Tyrants Tremble (October).

Colombia: Research on displacement and attacks on human rights defenders (September).

England: Advocacy on Colombia, conference at Oxford University (July).

Guatemala: Advocacy, OAS General Assembly (June).

Germany: Advocacy, overview of human rights in the Americas at the International Academy Conference (October 1998).

Mexico: Release of report Systemic Injustice: Torture, "Disappearance" and Extrajudicial Execution in Mexico (January). Research and advocacy in Jalisco state and Mexico City, forum on Mexican human rights NGOs (August- September).

Netherlands: Advocacy on Pinochet and related issues of justice and accountability in the Americas for the International Human Rights Law conference (November 1998).

Panamá: Advocacy on justice and accountability in the region, as well as the ICC (August).

Perú: Meeting in Lima organized by the OAS for American Ministers of Justice (March).

Asia Division
Bangladesh: Investigated the ongoing repatriation of Burmese Rohingya refugees (August).

Belgium and Germany: Advocacy in Brussels and Bonn to discuss China, Indonesia, and other issues with the European Union and German foreign ministry (in the E.U. presidency) (January).

China: Research on the Three Gorges project with a focus on resettlement issues as they relate to human rights abuses (October).

India: Research on attacks against Christians in the western state of Gujarat (April-May). Attended national meeting of the National Campaign for Dalit Human Rights; helped facilitate the campaign internationally. Continued research on caste violence (May).

Indonesia: Advocacy with diplomats, NGOs, and others to discuss East Timor and upcoming elections (April).

Japan: Advocacy with the Japanese government, members of parliament, NGOs, and others to discuss human rights and Japanese foreign policy (April).

Malaysia and Thailand: Advocacy to discuss the APEC meeting and Anwar trial; meetings with NGOs (November 1998).

Sri Lanka: Research to investigate abuses against internally displaced persons (March-April).

Thailand: Research of the issue of Burmese internally displaced persons (March). See also Malaysia and Thailand.

United Kingdom: Advocacy in London to work with other international NGOs on caste issues in India (October).

Europe and Central Asia Division
Albania: Research in northern Albania to interview refugees from Kosovo regarding war crimes and other abuses (April). Interviewing refugees from Kosovo (April-June).

Armenia: Research on human rights in the Armenian army (November-December 1998). Research on legal reform issues (April).

Austria: Meetings with Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) ambassadors regarding Turkmenistan (February). Mission to Vienna for OSCE NGO consultation meeting on Central Asia (March). Participation in OSCE review conference, presenting interventions on religious freedom and freedom of association in the OSCE region; met with government and OSCE representatives, especially on Central Asia (September).

Belarus:Release of Russian translation of Turning Back the Clock; academic freedom research (October-November 1998). Academic freedom research (February and June). Release of academic freedom report, press conference, government meetings, together with Jonathan Fanton (July). Research into police brutality following October 17 demonstration and "disappearance" of political opponents of the president (October).

Belgium: Advocacy on Kosovo with European Commission, ECHO, European Parliament, U.S., U.K. Missions to E.U. (July). Advocacy meetings in Brussels with E.U. officials regarding E.U. expansion process and recently ratified Partnership and Cooperation Agreements with six Caucasus and Central Asian states (November).

Croatia: Release of Second Class Citizens: the Serbs of Croatia; advocacy on report with government, OSCE, UNHCR, UN OHCHR (March). Research on conditions prior to elections, meetings with local NGOs, OSCE, UN OHCHR, Constitutional Court, broadcast and print media (October).

Finland: International Helsinki Federation General Assembly (October).

France: Advocacy with Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly in Strasbourg; meetings with representatives of the Committee for the Prevention of Torture (January and September). Research and advocacy missions on women migrant domestic workers in West European countries (May). Advocacy with the Council of Europe regarding Bosnia's possible accession to the Council of Europe (June).

Kazakhstan: Research on violations of freedom of association and expression in the run-up to the presidential elections (December 1998). Research on armed insurgency in Batken and participation in human rights conference in Bishkek; follow-up advocacy on subsequent report (September and November).

Macedonia: Research in refugee camps, collective centers, and private homes on war crimes in Kosovo (March-June). Refugee interviews (May).

Northern Ireland: Research and advocacy on policing (February). Advocacy on lawyer Rosemary Nelson's murder (March). Monitoring security force operations during the annual "marching season" (July).

Norway: Meetings with the heads of mission regarding the work of the OSCE (February). Advocacy in Oslo with Foreign Minister Vollebaek regarding his upcoming trip to Central Asia (May). Meetings with Norwegian Ambassador to the OSCE Traavik regarding Central Asia and Kosovo (June).

Russia: Release of Russian orphanages report and related advocacy (December 1998). Press conference on Kosovo (May).

Spain: Research and advocacy on women migrant domestic workers in West European countries (January).

Switzerland: Advocacy with U.N. Human Rights Commission (April).

Tajikistan: Ongoing research and advocacy from Dushanbe office on freedom of association and expression, abuses by security forces, and refugee-related concerns. Advocacy with Tajik officials about pre-election conditions (October).

Turkey: Research on freedom of expression and from torture, observation of hearing in the trial of Abdullah Ocalan (May-June). Press work relating to the Ocalan trial and interviews on prison conditions (June). Attended OSCE Summit and parallel NGO events, advocacy on Kosovo, Chechnya, Central Asia, and Turkey (November).

Turkmenistan: Research on torture, freedom of association and expression, and on political prisoners (January).

Uzbekistan: Research on torture (December 1998 and May.) Meetings with Uzbek officials (October). Ongoing research by Tashkent office on fair trial, religious freedom, freedom of association, political prisoners, human rights defenders.

Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
Kosovo: Research on war crimes in Gornje Obrinje (September and November 1998); and on war crimes and destruction of civilian property (February). Interviewing Kosovar Albanians who remained during the armed conflict and ethnic Serbs subject to post-conflict human rights abuses (June). Research on post-war abuse against Serbs and Roma in Kosovo (June-July); on war crimes in Kosovo with focus on Lipljan/Lipjan, Glogovac/Gllogofc municipalities (June-August); on war crimes and new abuses against Serbs/Roma (July). Interviews on war crimes against Kosovo Albanians (August). Research on war crimes in Glogovac/Gllogofc and Srbica/Skenderaj municipalities (September)' and on war crimes and new abuses against Serbs/Roma (November).
Serbia: Research on restrictions of academic freedom in universities (December 1998). Research on NATO targeting and destruction of civilian property (August).

Middle East and North Africa Division
Bahrain: Research and advocacy (March- April).

Belgium: Advocacy on the Euro- Mediterranean Association Agreements (October).

Belgium and The Netherlands: Advocacy on Iraq, Egypt, and Tunisia (September).

Egypt: Research and advocacy on the draft NGO law and the charging of two human rights activists with criminal offenses (December 1998).

France: Advocacy on Internet access and control in the Middle East (October). Research on Algeria and Tunisia (October).

Germany: Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network advocacy (April).

Iran: Meetings in Tehran (February). Research in Tehran (July).

Israel and the Palestinian Authority Territories: Trial observations, research on Israeli land and housing policies in Jerusalem and Palestinian Authority due process abuses; advocacy on torture in Israel, consultations with Israeli and Palestinian NGOs (April-June). Release of report Persona Non Grata, on the expulsion of civilians from Israeli-occupied Lebanon. Consultations with Israeli and Palestinian NGOs and members of the Palestinian Legislative Council (July).

Jordan: Research on Jordan and Syria (April).

Lebanon: Research on expulsion of civilians from Israeli-occupied south Lebanon (March-April). Release of Persona Non Grata (July). Participated in the first Conference on International Justice in the Middle East in Beirut; ICC advocacy (June).

Morocco: Participated in first Conference of the Arab Human Rights Movement (April).

The Netherlands: Advocacy on Iraq, Egypt, and Tunisia (September).

Palestinian Authority Territories: see above Israel and the Palestinian Authority Territories.

Switzerland: Advocacy at the Human Rights Commission (April), and at the Fourth Geneva Convention HCP conference (July). Participated in workshop on "Holding Armed Groups Accountable," organized by the International Council on Human Rights Policy (September). Research on Algeria and Tunisia (October).

United Kingdom: Advocacy and research on Iraq and advocacy on Bahrain (January)

Arms Division
Afghanistan: Investigation of arms flows to both parties to the civil war in Afghanistan (June-July).

Bulgaria: Research and advocacy on Bulgaria's arms export policies and practices, especially with respect to arms transfers to areas of armed conflict in Africa (February). Release of report on Bulgaria's arms exports, and meetings with government officials and parliamentarians to discuss its findings (April).

Burundi: Ongoing investigation of arms flows to both parties to the civil war (December 1998).

Croatia: Participation in regional conference on landmines (June).

France: Participation in a Landmine Monitor meeting (September).

Honduras and Nicaragua: Meetings with government leaders on landmines, and assessment of the impact of Hurricane Mitch on the mines problem (January).

Kazakhstan: Investigation of arms flows to both parties to the civil war in Afghanistan (May-July).

Kenya: Investigation of the role of arms supplies in fanning the flames of politically-fomented "ethnic" violence (April-May).

Kyrgyzstan: Investigation of arms flows to both parties to the civil war in Afghanistan (July).

Lebanon: Participation in a regional conference on landmines (February).

Liberia: Investigation of arms flows to both parties to the civil war in Sierra Leone (September).

Mexico: Participation in a government/NGO regional conference on landmines (January)

Mozambique: Participation in the first meeting of States Parties to the Mine Ban Treaty, release of the Landmine Monitor report, and participation in an International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL) general meeting (May).

The Netherlands: Release of report on allegations of chemical weapons use in Srebrenica during the war in Bosnia and Hercegovina; meetings with officials of the government of the Netherlands, the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, and the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (November 1998). Participation in The Hague Appeal for Peace. Participation in the launch of the International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA) in The Hague (May).

Nicaragua: see above Honduras and Nicaragua.

Nigeria: Participation in a workshop on landmines (September).

Norway: Participation in a Landmine Monitor meeting, events related to the entry into force of the Mine Ban Treaty, and an ICBL Coordination Committee meeting (March)

Pakistan: Investigation of arms flows to both parties to the civil war in Afghanistan (June-July).

Rwanda: Investigation of arms flows to both parties to the civil war in Burundi (December 1998).

Sierra Leone: Investigation of arms flows to both parties to the civil war (September).

South Africa: Research and advocacy on South Africa's arms trade controls (February).

Sri Lanka: Participation in a workshop on security in South Asia (September).

Switzerland: Participation in a Swiss Government forum on the marking of small arms, and meeting with U.N. panel of experts (February); in a wound ballistics conference(March); in a government preparatory meeting for the first meeting of States Parties to the Mine Ban Treaty (March); in an ICBL/government meeting on Mine Ban Treaty intersessional work (August); and in an ICBL Coordination Committee Meeting (September).

Tanzania: Investigation of arms flows to both parties to the civil war in Burundi (May).

Tunisia: Participation in a NGO/government regional conference on landmines (January).

United Arab Emirates: Participation in a regional conference on global trends, with a focus on landmines (October).

Federal Republic of Yugoslavia: Investigation into NATO's conduct of its air war under applicable rules of international humanitarian law (July-August); and into the extent and impact of the use of antipersonnel landmines by Yugoslav and Kosovo Liberation Army forces in Kosovo (August-September).

Children's Rights Division
Argentina: Advocacy on child soldiers at the Directing Council for the Inter-American Children's Institute of the Organization of American States (September).

Costa Rica: Attended Latin American Conference on Children's Rights in San José (September).

Egypt: Investigation of child labor in the cotton industry (October).

Germany: Advocacy, participation in the European Conference on the Use of Children as Soldiers in Berlin (October).

Guinea: Investigated the situation of Sierra Leonean refugee children in Guinea (February/March).

Jamaica: Release of report on detention of children in police lockups (July).

Kenya: Investigated the use of corporal punishment in schools (May). Advocacy at the Third African Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect in Nairobi, which focused on "challenges of caring for and protecting children in Africa"; convened a workshop on corporal punishment in schools (September).

Mozambique: Participated in the African Conference on the Use of Children as Soldiers in Onlineuto (April).

Switzerland: Advocacy with the U.N. working group on an optional protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on children and armed conflict (January).

United States: Investigation into the detention and treatment of children held in adult facilities while awaiting trial in the adult criminal justice system in the state of Maryland (July 1998-May 1999). Investigation into the situation of migrant farm workers in the state of Arizona (June-August)

Uruguay: Participated in Latin American and the Caribbean Conference on the Use of Children as Soldiers in Montevideo (July).

Women's Rights Division
Albania: Research and training, Tirana (July).

Austria: Participation in the Conference on Rape as a War Crime, Vienna (June). Advocacy at the U.N. Crime Commission Ad Hoc Meeting, Vienna (July).

Belgium: Advocacy at the E.U. on the situation of women in Pakistan and Morocco and on the ICC (September).

Bosnia: Research on the trafficking of women (March).

France: Participation in seminar on drafting the Working Paper on Witness Participation and Protection Issues for the ICC (April).

Kosovo: Research on women in conflict (July).

Japan and Thailand: Research (with Asia Division) on the trafficking of women from Thailand to Japan (April-May).

Mexico: Advocacy regarding discrimination in maquiladoras in Merida, Yucatan (February-March).

South Africa: Research on lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transsexual youth (September).

Switzerland: Advocacy with UNHCR regarding women refugees (February and September); and with the Commission on Human Rights regarding women in U.S. prisons (April).

United States: Advocacy on women in U.S. prisons (June and October). Research on lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transsexual youth (June and October).

Thailand: see above Japan and Thailand.

Tanzania: Research mission on women in refugee camps (October-November).

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