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This report was written by Dan Connell, a consultant to the Arms Division of Human Rights Watch, and edited by Joost Hiltermann, the executive director of the Arms Division, and Michael McClintock, the deputy program director of Human Rights Watch. Jemera Rone, counsel at Human Rights Watch, as well as several persons outside Human Rights Watch with expertise regarding Sudan reviewed and commented on drafts of this report. Ernst Jan Hogendoorn, research associate with the Arms Division, provided invaluable research support. Technical support provided by Patrick Minges.

The report is based on three investigative missions to the region, including Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Uganda, by Mr. Connell and Frank Smyth, also a consultant to the Arms Division of Human Rights Watch. Moreover, Mr. Hiltermann interviewed officials of the government of Sudan in Khartoum in November 1997.

The Arms Division of Human Rights Watch acknowledges with appreciation the support of the Rockefeller Foundation, the Compton Foundation, the Winston Foundation, and the Ruth Mott Fund. Human Rights Watch takes sole responsibility for the content of this report.

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