Indonesia: Human Rights and Pro-Independence Actions in Irian Jaya

IX. Appendix: Arrests Since July 1998

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Table of Contents
I. Introduction
II. Background to the Demonstration
III. Sorong and Jayapura
IV. The Biak Demonstration
V. Bodies in Biak
VI. Wamena, Jayawijaya
VII. Riots in Manokwari
VIII. Arrest of Theys Eluay and the National Dialogue Debate
IX. Appendix: Arrests Since July 1998

1. The Biak Detainees:

All of the following were arrested in connection with the Biak demonstrations, and all are being held in Biak prison as their trials proceed.

2. The Wamena Arrests

Most of the following people were not shown an arrest warrant until twenty-four hours after they were detained, and none was accompanied by a lawyer during interrogation. All were on trial as of December 1998.

3. The Arrests of Pro-Independence Advocates in Jayapura, late September and October

Immediately following the Manokwari demonstrations, two students were arrested, Martinus Werimon and Ronald Tapilatu. Martinus was head of the student senate at Cenderawasih University, and Ronald was a student at a Protestant technical high school. The detention of the two on October 2 sparked a protest rally by other students at the police station where they were held, with protestors saying Ronald and Marthinus, like other students, were only playing their role as a moral voice for the people and that part of that role was to hold an open forum on campus where people could say whatever they wanted. In a meeting with the protesters, in response to questions about why the two were detained without warrant, the police chief said it was an intelligence operation, and those were the procedures.(21)

The six pro-independence advocates arrested in and around Jayapura were:

Indonesia: Human Rights and Pro-Independence Actions in Irian Jaya - Table of Contents

21. "Rektor III Uncen dan Mahasiswa Datangi Polres Jayapura," unpublished report of students who attended meeting with police commander of Jayapura, October 2, 1998.