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(Zhongguo minzhudang zhejiang choubei weiyuan hui chengli gongkai xuanyan)

Translated by Jan van der Made

June 25, 1998

--Considering that no one has the right to use force to preserve his own rule over others and that this kind of phenomenon still exists in our society;

--Considering that modern civilization and reason have already spread all over the world, and that a haze of feudal autocracy, stupidity and decay still covers our society;

--Considering that all kinds of weaknesses still exist in human nature and that checking political dictatorship and political corruption is [part of] an ongoing struggle for justice;

--Considering that the broad public needs to have its own political organization and its own political mouthpiece;

--Considering that a civilian's [right to] freedom of association is a sacred and inviolable right that comes with birth;

We, a group of idealists from all walks of society who are willing to so devote our lives, have been discussing the establishment of the China Democracy Party (CDP) in order to enhance freedom, democracy, justice and peace.

The CDP firmly believes that all political power can come only from the public and can only be [used] in the service of the public; that a government can only come into being according to the wishes of the public and [can only] act according to the wishes of the public; and that a government is the servant of the public and not the one which controls it.

The CDP firmly believes that a government must be established through the conscious approval of the public [and must be] established through free, impartial, and direct democratic elections; and [that a government must] condemn any form of election manipulation and election fraud, firmly oppose a monopoly of news and publications, and oppose any groups with vested interests carrying out a policy of obscurantism by force or through economic threats.

The CDP forcefully condemns the behavior of ruling groups which suppress political opposition organizations by force; forcefully condemns the application of methods such as torture and reform-through-labor against those who carry differing political views; and forcefully demands the authorities release all persons detained for differing political views.

The CDP maintains that any political power that was obtained through the use of violence and violent intimidation is illegal without exception. The CDP will strive to root out all phenomena of social parasitism wherein economic benefits and personal enjoyment are gained through political power.

The CDP firmly believes that the various articles on human rights in the "Universal Declaration of Human Rights" are the equally sacred and inviolable rights of mankind that come with birth. The CDP will struggle with human rights violators from beginning to end.` `

The CDP opposes any form of political and economic monopoly and proposes to promote honest and valuable political action and economic development through impartial political and economic competition.

The CDP proposes an orderly social transformation, opposes chaos and hitting, smashing and looting, and opposes the use of violence [to combat] violence.

The CDP carries out its political goals in a non-violent, peaceful and reasonable fashion, promoting civilized dialogue to solve any disputes and differences. It opposes terrorist activities.

The purpose of the CDP is to realize direct democratic elections and to establish a constitutional democratic political system, and to establish a mechanism of separation of political powers; to allow the political powers to restrain each other and to guarantee that they go forward in a virtual circle; to prevent any individual or any group from establishing a power base of violence; to realize the nationalization of the army; to thoroughly root out soil which produces political dictatorship and political corruption; and to allow the Chinese nation to thoroughly shake off the tyranny of power.

The CDP carries out a system of direct democratic elections within the party. The responsible persons and committee members at all levels are elected from below; a system of terms in office is carried out; and the national committee of the party is an organ in the service of all party members.

The CDP absorbs all people who approve of and support the party guidelines and purposes, and who are willing to make contributions. [The CDP] unites and links together all persons who approve of the political aims of the party.

The CDP calls upon persons of the democracy movement in the various regions nationwide to enter the CDP, to prepare and establish local committees of the CDP in the various provinces and cities, to elect and appoint delegates, to take part in the National Delegates Congress and to organize a nationwide committee.

Zhejiang Preparatory Committee
In Hangzhou

Wang Youcai
Wang Donghai
Lin Hui

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