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Azerbaijani Ministry of Internal Affairs Letter and Statistics on Disciplinary Actions
[Not a Human Rights Watch translation. Received March 18, 1998.]

Executive Director

Human Rights Watch
Europe and Central Asia Division

Ms. Holly Cartner

Dear Director:

I am very grateful for your kind words expressed toward us in your letter, to seize an opportunity, I would like to assure you about the willingness of our Ministry to cooperate with the division under your authority.

Regarding the questions you expressed an interest in, I am able to inform you that the crime statistics, including malfeasance have been maintained by the appropriate departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for several years, on the basis of which level and trends in criminal activity are analyzed, its upward or downward trends ascertained, and the types of criminal charges which are brought or not brought during the time period in question are made clear.

The enclosed [statistics] are used for to make adjustments in criminal and criminal procedure reforms now in progress. Some examples being the recent elimination of number of articles from the criminal code, adoption of an amnesty for more than 17,000 convicted prisoners, and abolition of capital punishment.

The issue of observance of the law, and of strengthening it in regard to the activities of departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, is viewed by us as major component of democratic change, and humanization of the legal system. The Ministry of Internal Affairs includes a department whose work includes oversight of observance of the law and official discipline, and maintenance of contacts with the media and the public. Statements regarding complaints received as result of illegal actions of police staff are reviewed, investigated carefully, and appropriate decisions are made within a designated time period.

Corresponding analysis of general data received is carried out including that related to concrete violations and abuses. Taking the data into consideration every step is taken to correct deficiencies, to influence the culprits and their leaders.

Enclosed herein is the information you are interested in dealing with crime in Baku City from 1995 to 1997, and also with staff of the national police department SPD in Baku city and its subdivisions who are dismissed for infringements and brought to account for them .

Respectfully yours,

R. Usubov
Minister [of Internal Affairs]

Statistical Information On Criminal Cases in Baku City

1995 1996 1997

1. Total number of persons who committed crimes 5,465 5,447 5,509

2. Number of government officials accused of criminal 102 91 103

of which:

crimes of violence 10 2 8
bribery 9 1 5

Information about infringements in operational-official activity of the SPD personnel in Baku city and the metropolitan area:

1. Number of infringements: 45 27 48

2. Number of police staff disciplined: 65 35 54
Of which were dismissed from their jobs: 10 15 10

3. Number of police officers against whom
criminal proceedings were instigated:

10 16 17

Of which:
bribery: 1 5 1
crimes of violence: 3 2 2

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