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ANGOP Angolan news agency

ANP Angolan National Police

EO Executive Outcomes-a South African security firm, accused by UNITA, of providing mercenary support to the Angolan government.

FAA Forças Armadas Angolanas (Angolan Armed Forces)-the formal name of the Angolan government's military force since the 1992 elections.

FLEC Frente de Libertacão do Enclave de Cabinda (Front for the Liberation of the Cabindan Enclave)

FNLA Frente Nacional de Libertação de Angola (National Front for the Liberation of Angola)-one of the three nationalist groups that fought for independence. Now a legal opposition party.

FONGA Forum of Angolan NGOs

GURN Government of National Unity and National Reconciliation

ICRC International Committee of Red Cross

IMF International Monetary Fund

IOM International Organization of Migration

LAC Luanda Antenna Commercial

MONUA U.N. Observer Mission in Angola

MPLA Movimento Popular de Libertação de Angola (Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola)-the MPLA is now the majority governing party of the government of Angola; it was one of the three nationalist groups that fought for independence and then militarily defeated the other two groups.

NGO Nongovernmental organization

OAU Organization of African Unity

SINFO State Information Service

TPA Televisão Popular de Angola (the state television corporation)

UNAVEM United Nations Angola Verification Mission

UNITA União Nacional para a Independência Total de Angola (National Union for the Total Independence of Angola)-the armed force fighting the government in Angola.

USAID U.S. Agency for international Development

VORGAN Voice of the Resistance of the Black Cockerel (UNITA radio station)

WFP U.N. World Food Program

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