Women’s Human Rights
Women’s Property Rights

Organizations Working on Women’s Property Rights and Related Issues

Organizations in Kenya

    Centre for Rehabilitation and Education of Abused Women (CREAW)
    Tel. (254)22723972

    Coalition on Violence against Women (COVAW)
    Tel. (254)2574357

    Collaborative Centre for Gender and Development (CCGD)
    Tel. (254)2537100

    Education Centre for Women in Democracy (ECWD)
    Tel. (254)2570386

    Federation of Women Lawyers - Kenya (FIDA-KENYA)
    Tel. (254)2717169


    Tel. (254)2718977

    Kenya AIDS NGOs Consortium
    Tel. (254)2717664

    Kenya Land Alliance
    Tel. (254)3741203

    Mazingira Institute

    Tel. (254)3744940

    Society of Women against AIDS in Kenya (SWAK)
    Tel. (254)2574044

    Women Fighting against AIDS in Kenya (WOFAK)
    Tel. (254)243164

    Women and Law in East Africa (WLEA)
    Tel. (254)2448905

    Women’s Rights Awareness Programme (WRAP)
    Tel. (254)2728675

Organizations in Other African Countries

Organizations in North America

Organizations in Europe

Organizations in Asia

Organizations in Latin America

    Estrageia (Peru)
    Tel. (51) 1-446-6727

United Nations Bodies

Global Working Group on Women’s Housing, Land, and Property Rights

An informal working group of women’s rights activists and experts is working together to promote women’s equal land, property, and housing rights. The organizations include grassroots groups and international organizations from Asia, Africa, North America, the Middle East, Europe, Latin America, and within the U.N. system. The working group is growing and mobilizing to share strategies for research and advocacy, with the common aim of ending discrimination against women with respect to land, property, and housing.

The working groups first came together in 2003 for collective advocacy on a United Nations resolution on women’s land, housing, and property rights during the 59th session of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights. The initial members of the working group have continued to collaborate and share information.

Anyone interested in participating in the working group or learning more about its activities is invited to visit the websites of or otherwise contact the participating organizations. You may also wish to join the listserv used by the working group by visiting http://groups.yahoo.com/group/WomenSecureTenure/.

Initial members of the working group are:

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Organizations Working on Women’s Property Rights and Related Issues
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