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What You Can Do to End Women’s Property Rights Abuses

If you want to stop violations of women’s property rights, take action now!

  • Urge members of your country’s parliament and other officials to condemn violations of women’s property rights and to ensure that donor assistance is targeted to end these violations. If you live in the United States, write a letter to the President, the Secretary of State, or your congressional representative. Click here to find contact information for members of the U.S. Congress.

  • Urge Kenya’s president, its minister of justice and constitutional affairs, and its minister responsible for gender issues to advocate that Kenya’s laws and customs be changed to better protect women’s property rights.

  • Urge the leaders of other countries where women’s property rights are violated to change their laws and practices to better protect women’s property rights.

  • Urge the World Bank and other donor agencies to make women’s equal property rights a central part of their plans as they mobilize to help African countries combat HIV/AIDS and promote development. Click here to find contact information for donor agencies.

If you can, please send copies of your letters to the Women’s Rights Division of Human Rights Watch in New York (350 Fifth Avenue, 34th Floor, NY, NY 10118) or by e-mail (wrd@hrw.org).

* If you have suggestions for new actions people can take to end women’s property rights violations, please contact wrd@hrw.org (attention Deputy Director).

Take Action Now!
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