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“Like the Dead in Their Coffins”

Torture, Detention, and the Crushing of Dissent in Iran

Supplemental Documents:
The following table, documenting disciplinary action taken against student political activists in various Iranian universities during the past year, appeared in Iran’s reformist Shargh newspaper on May 29, 2004.
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“175 Summons in One Year”

List of Disciplinary Punishments—Table 1

University Number of Individuals Summoned Sentence of the Disciplinary Committee
Tehran Teacher’s College 11 One-term suspension, a written reprimand inserted in file.
Mashad Ferdowsi 8 Four students receive one-term suspensions, two students receive two-term suspensions, two students receive written reprimands.
Sonati Sanad Tabriz 2 Two-term suspension.
Abu Ali Sina and Hamedan Medical Science 3 One-term suspension.
Razi Kermanshah 8 Five students receive two-term suspensions and three students receive one-term suspensions.
Semenaan 6 One-term suspension for each student.
Sabzevaar Teacher’s College 4 Two students expelled; two students have open cases.
Urumieh 1 Open case.
Isfahan and Medical Science 1 Open case.
Khajeh Nasir 4 One expulsion and three open cases.
Gilan 3 Written notification and insertion in case.
Zanjan 3 A two-term suspension, a one-term suspension and a written reprimand.
Yazd (Islamic Development) 1 Written notification and insertion in file.
Larestaan 4 Written notification and insertion in file.
Mazandaran 2 One-term suspension for each student.
Ardebil School of Research 1 "Privation of studying."

List of Suspended Organizations—Table 2

Name of Organization Sentence
School of Economics at Sistan and Baluchistan One-term suspension of activities.
Zanjan University One-term suspension of activities.
Sahnad-e Tabriz One-term suspension of activities.

List of Judicial Cases—Table 3

University Number of Individuals Summoned Total Number of Days in Temporary Confinement Sentence (Primary)
Alameh Tabatabayi 3 132 -
Khajeh Nasir 30 240 -
Tehran Teacher’s College 2 35 -
Abu Ali Sina and Hamedan Medical Science 6 230 [Two individuals] three-year ta’aziri prison terms; [one individual] two-year suspended prison terms; [one individual] 18-month ta’aziri prison term; [one individual] one-year ta’aziri prison term.
Science and Manufacturing 6 224 -
Amir Kabir 5 82 [One individual] one-year suspended prison term; the rest of the cases are open.
Shiraz and Medical Science 4 32 [Two individuals] six-month suspended prison term; [two individuals] open cases.
Tehran and Medical Science 12 335 -
Shahid Chamran Ahvaz 2 5 Each received two-year suspended prison terms.
Shahid Raja’i 1 88 -
Tarbiyat Sadres 1 78 -
Shahid Beheshti 1 24 -
Ilam 9 405 [Six individuals] 18-month ta’aziri prison terms; [one individual] nine-month ta’aziri prison term; [two individuals] six-month ta’aziri prison terms.
Sabzevar Teacher’s College 35 126 [Three individuals] six-month ta’aziri prison terms; [two individuals] monetary fines; the rest have open cases. One hundred five students were arrested during Khordad of 1382 [May-June 2004] by the Nirooyeh Entezami and released after interrogation.
Isfahan and Medical Science 11 - One student received a one year prison term. The rest of the cases are open.
Sistan and Baluchistan 10 - -
Yazd 9 4 -
Yazd (Islamic Development) 9 - -
Razi Kermanshah 3 119 -
Ferdowsi Mashad 7 - -
Sharif Trade School 1 20 -
Urumieh 1 - -
Ahvaz Medical Science 1 - -
Zanjan 1 - -
Lorestan 1 - -
Mazandaran 4 - -
Total 175 2,181 -

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Iranian students protest on Student Day at the Tehran University campus in December 2003. The protesters hold a picture of Ahmed Batebi, a student serving 15 years in prison for his participation in the 1999 Tehran University protests (Photo: Vaid Salemi/AP).


Iran: Torture Used to Suppress Dissent
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List of Student Summons
Published in Shargh on May 29, 2004
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The Court's Verdict
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